Friday, November 28, 2008

Encyclopedia of Race and Racism‏

Nov. 27, 2008

Warner Books

F1 Hallmarc Business Park
2 Westall Road
CLAYTON VIC 3168PO Box 1312

Dear Sirs,

I understand that you have included Zionism as a form of racism in your encyclopedia. I have been told that your representative suggested that this was to offer a broad reflection of public opinion.
suppose you know that the United Nations has repudiated the association of Zionism with racism. I haven’t had the opportunity to read the encyclopedia, but I hope it contains the following information on this subject that was gleaned from the Internet. “The anti-Zionism resolution was repealed by an overwhelming vote of the General Assembly on December 16, 1991. The repeal was advanced by President George H.W. Bush following the Persian Gulf War. The vote was 111 nations for repeal, 25 nations against (mostly Islamic nations) and 13 abstentions.”

Since you apparently want to provide all opinions on various forms of racism, I trust you will include the views of white supremacists who believe that Blacks are an inferior race. Their views are about as hatefully racist as are the views of Islamic Jew haters whose Zionism is racism project you dignified in your encyclopedia.

I hope the irony of an Encyclopedia on racism being racist is not lost on you

Sincerely yours,
Larry Shapiro

Comment: Cudos to Mr. Shapiro-if more like minded individuals would take time and have the courage to write these kinds of publications we might, over a long period of time, inject our point of view into the slippery slope of social engineering going on by the Islamic world.

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