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The next time someone claims that Israel is engaging in " Ethnic Cleansing ", just show them this

Syria: "Our first goal is to get rid of Assad. Then we want a state where the Quran is the only source of law."

 Jihad Watch

They want to make Syria a Sharia state, which means no alcohol or tobacco, or "immoral" movies and TV shows. No one seems to be offering any other vision of Sharia, despite claims in the West that it is so multifarious as to defy easy characterization.

"Jabhat Al Nusra's new Syria," by Balint Szlanko for The National, December 15 (thanks to Lachlan):
The man wearing the balaclava had eyes that never stopped smiling. Reclining on a pillow in an otherwise empty room, this burly, 41-year-old commander of Jabhat Al Nusra - the most fearsome jihadi group in Syria - exuded an almost disturbing calm, in marked contrast to the loud, chatty air that often characterises more mainstream groups of the Free Syrian Army.
The man, who calls himself Sheikh Abu Ahmed and said he was the military commander of Jabhat Al Nusra in the Hasakah governorate of eastern Syria, spoke to The National in the north-eastern town of Ras el Ayn, where fighting between Islamist rebels and the Kurdish PYD party has killed dozens of militants in recent weeks.
Dressed in plain clothes, Abu Ahmed outlined his group's vision for a new Syria.
"Our first goal is to get rid of Assad. Then we want a state where the Quran is the only source of law," he said. "Sharia is the right path for all humanity - all other laws make people unhappy."

Beit Ezra in Hebron

David Wilder

Beit Ezra in Hebron
Following the Six-Day War in 1967, past residents of the Old City in Jerusalem who had been expelled during the War of Independence in 1948 asked for, and were granted a meeting with then Defense Minister Moshe Dayan. They requested permission to return to their homes and property in the Old City, confiscated and occupied by Jordan. Dayan consented, and, as a result, Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter today flourishes.

Simultaneously, past Hebron inhabitants, who had been expelled in 1929, and again in 1936, requested a similar meeting with Dayan, in order to return to their homes in the recently liberated city of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs. Dayan refused to meet them
So I heard from Hebron residents, some of whom no longer alive, years ago.

Friday, December 21, 2012

“The Lion of Justice” by Don Morris and Michael Toro reveals a nightmare scenario of a terrorist attack on California’s economy
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(PR NewsChannel) /  SAN FRANCISCO 
The Lion of Justice
"The Lion of Justice" by Don Morris and Michael Toro
“The Lion of Justice” (ISBN 1463663692), a novel by Don Morris and Michael Toro, describes Islamic terrorists intent on spreading chaos with an attack in the San Francisco area and the efforts of an American-Muslim undercover law enforcement officer to stop them at any cost.

Jake Hakam and his team must hurry to discover the nature of the attack so that they can stop it, but the roots of the plan go deeper than they imagine. Sleeper cells have spent the last two decades infiltrating law enforcement, academia, government and local businesses, waiting for the signal from their sheik to strike. The local chief of police is too bogged down in procedure to do anything to help Hakam, leaving him and his small team on their own in fighting the coming destruction.

The slogan, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” can be heard regularly from the shores of the Gaza Strip, emanating from members of terrorist groups, including Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The river represents the Jordan River, and the sea is the Mediterranean – both sides of Israel. Essentially, this means the destruction of Israel.

Khaled Meshaal, the global head of Hamas, stated something similar, when he made his historic visit to Gaza this month. He said, “Palestine is ours from the river to the sea and from the south to the north.” Just one week previous to that, the leader of another Islamist group, Cyrus McGoldrick, repeated the slogan on Facebook and Twitter. Except he did not state it from the Middle East, he made it from the United States.

McGoldrick is the Civil Rights Manager and spokesman for the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR-New York. The national organization of CAIR was founded in June 1994 as a part of the umbrella group created by then-global Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook. [Today, Marzook is the number two leader under Meshaal.] As well, CAIR was named a party to Hamas financing by the U.S. Justice Department for two federal trials against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF). CAIR had asked people to donate money to the terrorist HLF charity via CAIR’s national website.

The postponed Iranian crisis

At the end of October, Defense Minister Ehud Barak gave a revealing interview to London's Daily Telegraph in which he explained why the urgency around the Iranian issue had changed. Iran was still progressing toward its goal of obtaining nuclear weapons. Israel was still concerned with Iran's stock of 20 percent enriched uranium that could be converted very quickly to weapons-grade uranium.
But during the course of 2012, Tehran took nearly 40% of its 20%-uranium stock and converted it into fuel rods, which could not be used for nuclear weapons. Theoretically, the Iranians could convert the fuel rods back into 20% uranium and enrich the product to weapons grade fuel, but that would take time. This startling information was not classified intelligence that Barak disclosed to the British newspaper, for it could also be found by carefully reading International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reports. 

Using Children as Weapons

Nonie Darwish

If these are not abuses of the human rights of the child, what is?
In the Middle East, children are being used by the adults who should be caring for them to turn them into jihadist weapons to conquer the world -- sometimes with bombs strapped onto them to kill their perceived enemies. Children are given gun training to learn how to kill Jews, and are told that dying for the sake of jihad is the highest honor and the only guarantee to go to heaven. If these are not abuses of the human rights of the child, what is? In the elementary school we attended in Gaza, the political and cultural agenda of the Arab world was pushed down our throats in effectively every subject.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rights group hammers Israel for journalists’ deaths in Gaza
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli army attacks on journalists and media facilities in the Gaza Strip during last month’s military operation violated the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said in a release Thursday.
Two Palestinian cameramen were killed and at least 10 media personnel were wounded in the offensive, which was launched after weeks of rocket attacks on Israel.

The Israeli government has said each of the targets was a legitimate military objective.

In its statement, the New York-based rights group said it found no support for that claim.

“Just because Israel says a journalist was a fighter or a TV station was a command center does not make it so,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, the group’s Mideast director.

For the record: Netanyahu: "All Israeli Governments Have Built in Jerusalem"

Construction of 2,612 homes in East Jerusalem approved amid international condemnation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to Asian ambassadors to Israel at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, on Wednesday, December 19 (photo credit: Uri Lenz /Flash90)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to Asian ambassadors to Israel at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, on Wednesday, December 19 (photo credit: Uri Lenz /Flash90)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday reiterated Israel’s right to build in the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem, notwithstanding global outcries. Speaking to ambassadors of Asian and Pacific countries on the balcony of Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, overlooking the walls of the Old City, Netanyahu asked them to look down at the city and contemplate international demands that Israel stop building there.

“The walls of Jerusalem that you see behind us represent the capital of the Jewish people for 3,000 years,” said Netanyahu. “All Israeli governments have built in Jerusalem. We’re not going to change that. That’s a natural thing.”

“I want you to ask any of you to imagine that you would limit construction in your own capital. It doesn’t make sense… we are committed to our capital; we’re committed to peace; and we’re going to build in Jerusalem for all its residents. This is something that has been done by all previous governments; this is something that my government will continue to do,” Netanyahu told the envoys of China, India, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

Al Qaeda Grows as Assad Forces Shell Civilians Across Syria

Chana Ya'ar

As the Assad regime becomes increasingly desperate, its forces are starting to shell civilians in every major city across the country.

Troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad are attacking civilians and rebel forces alike around Hama, Homs and Aleppo, according to a report issued Wednesday by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Nearly 50,000 people have died since the savage civil war began in March 2011, with a simple scrawled grafitti message of protest by a teen on a wall in Dera'a. 

European-funded Palestinian NGO glorifies plane hijackings, terror, and hatred of Israel and the US

Poem read by hosts of youth program on PA TV
funded by the EU, the World Bank, Switzerland, Denmark,
the Netherlands and Sweden

"Expect us always,
expect us where least expected.
We're in every airport, and in every ticket...
A small rifle in the hand of a small boy
can kill the big one."

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Two teenage hosts on the Palestinian Authority TV program for youth Speak Up, co-produced with the Palestinian NGO PYALARA, chose to read aloud a poem that glorified plane hijackings and threatened Israel and the United States:

"People of Israel, don't get caught up in arrogance,
the hands of the clock will surely come round...
Expect us always, expect us where least expected.
We're in every airport, and in every ticket.
We emerge in Rome and in Zurich from under the rock...
Our men arrive without warning, with the fury of thunder and the pounding of rain.
They come in the Prophet's robe and with Omar's sword (Muslim conqueror).
Remember, always remember that America, important as it is, is not Allah the Almighty and Omnipotent, and that America with all its strength will not stop the birds from flying.
A small rifle in the hand of a small boy can kill the big one."

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Iran Won the Last Middle East Conflict

HERBERT LONDON December 19, 2012
Although the truce between Gaza and Israel didn't lead to an unequivocal result, Israeli officials said they destroyed most rocket launchers and Gazan leaders maintain the settlement means they resisted the Israeli offensive and have been emboldened by their relative success. Is there a victor in this struggle?

Despite the ambiguity and competing claims, there is a victor: Iran. Admittedly the rockets destroyed by the Israeli Iron Dome were Iranian made, but the Iranians deployed marginal, inaccurate Fajr 5 missiles in order to learn how to avoid anti-missile defenses. Moreover, this was a test for a class of missiles; their more sophisticated hardware remained at home for another day.

The Islamization of The ACLU


Americans might as well be living under Islamic blasphemy laws, yet the nation’s champion of free speech — the ACLU — is AWOL. That’s because it’s now largely run by Muslims.

The ACLU usually stands up strong for First Amendment rights. Not in the case of the Muhammad movie.

The ACLU’s executive director failed to release an official statement condemning the outrageous efforts of the White House to deep-six the film, including pressuring YouTube to remove its trailer from the Web.

Amnesty International, in contrast, asserted that any Muslim hurt over the film “should not be used as a justification to curtail core freedoms or justify potential government repression.”

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Iraq: One Year After Withdrawal

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi
The American Spectator
December 18, 2012

One year after the completion of the pullout of American troops from Iraq, what are the main issues affecting the country today?
Russian Arms Scandal and Corruption: On October 9, Iraq announced the signing of a $4.2 billion arms contract with Russia. Commentators took this deal to be a sign of waning U.S. influence in Iraq since the deal — had it gone through — would have drastically reduced Iraqi dependence on American arms supplies.
Thus, when it was announced on November 10 that the deal was scrapped over concerns of corruption, these same commentators (e.g. Michael Weiss) surmised that the cancellation must have somehow been due to U.S. pressure.
This sentiment was fueled by the BBC's quoting of a Russian analyst — Igor Korotchenko — at the Moscow-based Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade. For he speculated: "As far as talk about corruption is concerned, I think it's a smokescreen. I believe this is just a pretext and the true reason is Washington applying pressure on Baghdad."

Chuck Hagel's Jewish Problem -

The would-be secretary of defense has some curious views.

Prejudice—like cooking, wine-tasting and other consummations—has an olfactory element. When Chuck Hagel, the former GOP senator from Nebraska who is now a front-runner to be the next secretary of Defense, carries on about how "the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here," the odor is especially ripe.
Ripe because a "Jewish lobby," as far as I'm aware, doesn't exist. No lesser authorities on the subject than John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, authors of "The Israel Lobby," have insisted the term Jewish lobby is "inaccurate and misleading, both because the [Israel] lobby includes non-Jews like Christian Zionists and because many Jewish Americans do not support the hard-line policies favored by its most powerful elements."

"More Harsh Realities"

Can't cover it all; that would be an impossibility. But it's essential to report sufficiently so that my readers understand what's going on here, and have the facts to speak on Israel's behalf.
The Shin Bet, working with the police, have uncovered a Hamas cell in northern Jerusalem -- in the Arab neighborhoods of Shuafat and Ras Hamis.  They have been indicted in a Jerusalem court, charged with arson and aggravated assault that includes attacks with firebombs.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Obama Cabinet Picks Bode Poorly For U.S.-Israeli Relations

Ari Lieberman 
On December 17, 2012

In March 2012 during a discussion about U.S.-NATO missile defense, President Obama informed his Russian counterpart, President Medvedev that he needed some “space” and would have more “flexibility” after his election. Medvedev, understanding the obvious implication gleefully responded, “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.” The conversation, meant for Medvedev’s ears only, was picked up on open microphones and administration spinmeisters immediately went into high gear sputtering  nonsense explanations that were accepted without reservation by an adoring and pliant media.

But those of us who know the nuts and bolts of Obama and his past affiliations with less than savory characters were indeed worried over his gaffe. Former Bush Press Secretary and media consultant Ari Fleischer asked Obama’s then deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter whether Obama would be asking the Arabs for “space” presumably to deal with Israel, post-election.  Cutter ducked the question.

Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary - Bring it On!

chuck hagel.jpg
Many in the American Jewish community are aghast to discover that President Obama is planning to appoint former Senator Chuck Hagel to serve as Defense Secretary. If you want the skinny on how Hagel has come to be known as one of the few ferociously anti-Israel senators in the past generation, Carl from Jerusalem at Israel Matzav provides it.

Meantime, all I can say is I don't understand how anyone can possibly be surprised. Shortly after word came out that Hagel is the frontrunner for the nomination, I read a quaint little blog post written by a conservative leaning commentator voicing her belief that Obama wouldn't want to risk his relations with Israel's supporters by appointing Hagel. But as Powerline pointed out today, this is the entire point of the nomination. Obama isn't stupid. He picks fights he thinks he can win. He hasn't always been right about those fights. He picked fights with Netanyahu thinking he could win, and he lost some of those. 

But he is right to think he can win the Hagel fight. The Republican Senators aren't going to get into a fight with Obama about his DOD appointee, especially given that it's one of their fellow senators, even though many of them hate him. The Democrats are certainly not going to oppose him. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Obama expected to nominate anti-Israel Hagel as secretary of defense

US President Barack Obama is expected to nominate former Senator Chuck Hagel, an outspoken critic of Israel, as the next Pentagon chief.

The White House Counsel's office has reportedly completed Hagel’s vetting process after Obama discussed the position with the former Republican Nebraska Senator on December 4, The Politico news organization reported.

Michele Flournoy, former defense undersecretary for policy, and Ashton Carter, deputy defense secretary are the other contenders for the post.

Exciting new program for tourists

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