My name is Chloe` Valdary. I am a Christian. Although I have kept Shabbat, kosher, and the Holy Days all my life, my religion is not Judaism. Be that as it may, there is a sense of alarm that I have felt during the past year that I cannot seem to stifle. A danger is lurking that has gone unnoticed by most of the world. A cloud of animosity toward a people is rising; indeed, it is the elephant in the international room, and it has gone on for far too long.

I have one question and one question alone. I am not concerned about the cynical pessimists that believe that every state of evil that exists in this world is constant. The incessant drum of the “all is lost” mantra is dull and quite lame, to be frank. Those who dedicate their lives to telling you that all is hopeless create an environment where that lie becomes true. That line is constantly recycled and reprinted in various forms, both subtle and overt.