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Muslims slaughter kill 47 in fresh attacks in northeast Nigeria — police Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 12.42.02 AM

These monstrous jihad news reports from Nigeria are coming in every day. Every day, and Obama does nothing. The enemedia says nothing. The Pope assures us that “authentic Islam is peaceful.”
All the cheap talk about human rights from the left — all that verbal diarrhea about peace, love and understanding, and when faced with genocide and ethnic cleansing, they shrug.
“Islamists kill 47 in attack in northeast Nigeria – police,” By Ibrahim Mshelizza, Reuters, February 20, 2014
(Reuters) – Gunmen from Nigeria’s Boko Haram Islamist group attacked the northeastern town of Bama on Wednesday, opening fire on a school, shooting or burning to death 47 people and trashing the palace of a traditional ruler, officials and witnesses said.
The death toll was confirmed by Lawal Tanko, the police commissioner for Borno state, which lies at the epicentre of an Islamist insurgency that has killed thousands in the past four and half years. Many more were wounded, he said.
He added that the assailants had also partly burned down the palace of the traditional ruler of Borno, whose kingdom was one of West Africa’s oldest medieval Islamic caliphates.
“Boko Haram came in at about 4.00 a.m. (0300 GMT), just when we were getting ready for the morning prayers,” said Bama resident Abba Masta, who lives near the palace.
“There was shooting everywhere and they set the palace on fire. Many died. Students had to run for their lives as they attacked the government girls college as well.”
It was one of several deadly attacks this week.
On Sunday the Islamists killed 106 people in Igze village, according to official figures, making it one of their deadliest assaults so far. That prompted the Borno state governor to say the rebels were better armed and motivated than government forces.
“The senseless targeting of innocent civilians is unacceptable,” U.S. State Department spokesman for Africa Will Stevens said in Washington on Wednesday, referring to the Igze attack.
“We encourage Nigerian authorities to investigate this heinous act and to hold accountable … those responsible.”

Hamas Tests Anti-Aircraft Missiles Against Israel

IPT News

While Israel and the Palestinian Authority engage in peace negotiations, Hamas continues to bolster its military capabilities for the next round of fighting with Israel. Al-Monitor is reporting that Palestinian terrorists had conducted a field test, firing an anti-aircraft missile at an Israeli airplane circling above Gaza's eastern border last month.
The missile missed its intended target and was briefly reported by pro-Hamas media; however, the incident went unreported by Israeli newspapers. Israel lodged a formal complaint with the United Nations after rockets fired following former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's funeral, but Gaza sources claim that it was an anti-aircraft missile test, Al-Monitor reports. The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas' military wing, have bragged in the past that their anti-aircraft capabilities have changed the balance of power with Israel. The terrorist organization claims that they have damaged an Israeli helicopter and downed an armed surveillance drone.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Serving in the IDF, with no regrets

Since 2010, there has been a 43% increase in the number of religious women serving in the Israel Defense Forces • The IDF is making special efforts to give these women the chance to serve in meaningful roles.

Private Avia Gahali, 20, is one of a growing number of religious women to serve in the Israel Defense Forces
Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

In Rawabi, the Brand-New Palestinian City, Both Sides Win

Civil engineer Shadia Jaradat (center) poses with two colleagues in one of Rawabi's model apartments. A third of the project's engineers are women

The Times of Israel
Elhanan Miller

RAWABI, West Bank -- If all goes according to plan, this summer 600 middle-class families will begin moving into their new apartments in Rawabi, the largest construction project in recorded Palestinian history.
While the prospects of a positive outcome to negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians seem iffy, Rawabi is a towering certainty. But the shiny new city on the hill is not only a model of Palestinian entrepreneurship, it is also a little-known exemplar of Israeli-Palestinian cooperation.
Bashar Al-Masri, managing director of Rawabi, said that though no Israeli companies have been involved in constructing the city, hundreds of Israeli suppliers provide it with raw materials such as cement, sand, electric components and plumbing. He estimated that Israeli businesses benefit from the Rawabi project to the tune of tens of millions of dollars a month. The only political principle Rawabi holds with relation to Israel is no cooperation with businesses in the settlements.

Haredi draft bill symbolizes culture war

The important thing about the bill seeking to equalize the burden of military service is that it will force haredi youth outside the spiritual ghettos of Jerusalem and Bnei Brak and into the heart of Israeli society.

The conscription of haredi yeshiva students will bring them into the heart of Israeli society [illustrative]
Photo credit: Lior Mizrahi

Leftist cliches

 Emily Amrousi

1. What could be more pleasing to the minister of stereotypes than Sapir Sabah? She is the fruit of Paradise itself. After all, the representatives of the camps do not always suit the superficiality of the discourse: Professor Robert Aumann, a Nobel laureate and a member of the Right, is not for the drawer. Ayoob Kara, a Druze intellectual and member of the right-wing, glitters from the outer reaches of the shelf. Secular Ashkenazi right-wingers such as Yuval Steinitz and Gideon Sa'ar do not awaken trust. And now, here is Sabah. Those manicured nails, that bleached hair. Bingo.
One would have to be stupid not to squeeze out all the possibilities inherent in a girl of 17 who is not particularly eloquent, and Mizrahi, expressing right-wing Zionist views. And if she is fighting for something, unlike Verete (a vegetarian who raises cats), she is definitely violent. Or she sprays her teachers and her school with gunfire. That was what appeared in Amos Biederman's caricature last Tuesday in Haaretz of the hot air.

Terrorism pays, literally

Ruthie Blum

Terrorism pays, literally

On Thursday evening, Channel 2's Ilana Dayan conducted a fawning interview with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry about the chances for a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. This was followed by a panel discussion, led by Dayan, with radical leftist commentator Amnon Abramovich and chief Israeli negotiator, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni.
Naturally, everyone discussed the question of whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would "do an about-face" on his life-long beliefs, for the sake of peace.
Kerry was evasive, saying that this was up to the parties in the negotiations.

Blow People Up? What a Surprise!

Douglas Murray

If we cannot see what is happening, it seems likely that we simply do not want it to be happening. But apparently not enough to try to stop it from happening.
How could a nice young British boy do a thing like this? That is what people said when a British man cut the head off Daniel Pearl in 2002. It was what they said when our British men boarded the London tube trains and blew up their fellow passengers in 2005. It was what they said when a young British student tried to detonate a bomb over Detroit in 2009. And it is what they asked again earlier this month when Abdul Waheed Majeed, a 41-year-old man from Crawley, West Sussex, turned out to have become a suicide bomber in Syria. The strange thing is that a lot of people seem no closer to any kind of answer.
Abdul Waheed Majeed had gone through a story so similar to every previous story that you wonder how wilfully deaf some people must be, or whether there has been a significant section of the press and political class who have simply not been paying attention in recent years.


PolicyWatch 2211

By Mehdi Khalaji

To read this article on our website, go to:


Although Tehran worries about internal threats from Salafi jihadists, it may well cooperate with such groups if they attack Western interests.


On February 8, Jaish al-Adl (Army of Justice), a Salafist armed group in Baluchistan, Iran, announced that it had taken five Iranian soldiers hostage. On December 5, the same group killed three members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). In retaliation, the Iranian judiciary immediately executed sixteen imprisoned members of the group.

Iranian officials have long blamed the West for instigating tensions between Sunnis and Shiites. But in recent months, an unusual number of official statements have indicated that Tehran views Salafist or jihadist Islam not only as a threat to its interests in the Middle East, but also as a national security threat that, mixed with ethnic discontent in Baluchistan and Iran's western province of Kurdistan, could turn to violence. For instance, on January 15, Iranian judiciary chief Sadeq Larijani asked the intelligence services and the IRGC to prevent infiltration of Salafists and takfiris (heretics) into Iranian territories, pointing to concerns about Kurdistan and Baluchistan becoming potential training grounds or battlegrounds for foreign Salafist fighters (for background on the Salafist movement's growth in Iran, see PolicyWatch 2150, "The Rise of Persian Salafism,"

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Goals of the Jewish State

Michael Ordman
 Last week was filled with news comprising one of Israel’s main goals – to repair the world.  But in case you were swamped by negative stories, here are some of the uplifting highlights.
The saving of innocent life is the top goal for Israelis.  Whilst the death toll in Syria’s civil war rises, Israel continued to treat hundreds of Syria’s wounded at its medical centers and IDF field hospital.  Meanwhile, the IDF Medical Corps and the American Air Force Medical Department signed a pact to share and develop techniques and technologies that will save lives during humanitarian rescue missions. Away from the battlefield, thanks go to the anonymous donor who responded to an urgent request on Janglo – one of  Israel’s favorite information boards.  Doctors at Israel’s Beilinson Medical Center transplanted his kidney into a desperately ill mother of five in Ashdod.

Who Are The Women Fighting In Syria?

ABIGAIL R. ESMAN February 20, 2014
For years she was a mother of 10 young children, keeping a good, Muslim home. Now she's a rebel commander with a gun, fighting, she says, for her honor and her religion. Her children battle at her side.
Speaking in an on-camera interview with journalist Tracey Shelton, the 43-year-old muqatila, as such women soldiers are known, calls on others to join in her battle against Bashar Assad, and in the founding of a Syrian Islamic state. And though her all-female battalion numbers only 15 troops, she is by no means alone.
The role of women in the three-year-old Syrian conflict is complex and often confusing, but one thing is abundantly clear: women have become one of the strongest weapons in the war, used as much by the regime as by most of the countless rebel groups.
"Early on," Shelton says, "women were used largely to smuggle weapons across the border in their abayas, since they are never examined at checkpoints." But that role has changed as rebel forces have taken over most of the borders and as Syria has been ripped apart by death, torture, and terror from within.

Who Finances BDSM Against Israel?; Why Google loves Israel

 Elder of Ziyon
From Ian:

Israelly Cool: Who Finances BDSM Against Israel?
Today in the Knesset there is a committee meeting session looking into the financing of the anti-Israel movements. Who pays for the kind of lies and propaganda that lead naive people (for example those in Australia who sell the Cinematic Strings software) to think that boycotting Israelis will somehow help Palestinians and lead to a better world.
The author, Edwin Black, has a book “Financing the Flames” discussing how tax exempt and public money fuel a culture of confrontation and terror in Israel. He’s appearing in front of the Knesset session today.
He appeared on Israeli TV (speaking in English) a few days ago: the introduction is in Hebrew but the main interview is all in English.

There's No Profit in Peace
I was in the Knesset today, listening to Edwin Black, author of Flanning the Flames.
He describes in his book that activists get paid more or only if there is violence that is worthy of being photographed and reported aborad to damage Israel's image, violence that is initiated and planned with malice aforethought by so-called "human rights campaigners". If there would be peace, no money for them.

Palestinians: Keep Religion on ID Cards

Khaled Abu Toameh

The row that erupted shows that among Palestinians, opposition to recognition of Israel as a Jewish state remains widespread. It also shows what awaits non-Muslims in a future Palestinian state controlled by sharia Law.
Regardless of Abbas's motives, it is clear that Hamas and other Palestinians continue to seek and Islamic state where non-Musloms would be subjected to Sharia and enjoy fewer rights. Those who think that any Christian or Jew would be welcomed under an Islamic regime are living in a delusion.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's recent decision to abolish religious affiliation from Palestinian ID cards has drawn sharp criticism and triggered a wave of speculation as to his true motive.
Defending the controversial decision, the Palestinian Authority Interior Ministry in the West Bank announced that the Palestinian Basic Law prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion or ethnicity.
The ministry said that Abbas has instructed the ministry to abolish religious affiliation in all ID cards issued to Palestinians.
An example of a Palestinian Authority-issued ID card in its current format, which lists the bearer's religion. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)
Hassan Alawi, a senior official with the Palestinian Interior Ministry, explained that the decision was a "move in the right direction."

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

PA leader supports Hamas kidnapping of Israeli soldiers

"If Hamas wants to kidnap soldiers,
let them kidnap soldiers. Let them kidnap...
We encourage them.
When they kidnapped [Gilad] Shalit 
we congratulated them"

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Senior PA official and Deputy-Secretary of Fatah's Central Committee Jibril Rajoub said last month that the Palestinian Authority encourages Hamas to kidnap Israeli soldiers and hold them hostage in order to exchange them for the release of Palestinian prisoners. 

Israel holds about 5,000 Palestinian terrorists in prison, many of them murderers. The PA sees all Palestinian prisoners as heroes -- even those serving 67 and 54 life sentences for planning suicide bombings and murder of civilians -- and demands their freedom.

What Jewish Museums Won't Show

HERBERT LONDON February 19, 2014
Holocaust museums around the globe present in remarkably graphic form pre-war Nazi conditions that promoted anti-semitism and the belief that Jews were sub-human. Children read schoolbooks in which Jews were depicted as exploitive, dangerous, lacking in essential human qualities. Jews were demonized to an extent that led inexorably to concentration camps and extermination. The horror of this period is told and retold in museums as a reminder that this must never happen again. Propaganda of a vicious variety has consequences, a condition the world now knows all too well.
Or does it? For decades Palestinian school texts repeat the same dangerous lies about Jews. A crossword puzzle for children asks "what is a four letter word for an exploitive people? Answer: Jews." Summer camp bunks in the Arab section of the West Bank are named after "martyrs" who have killed Israeli women and children.

139280741010... Netanyahu: Iran has not changed its face

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits field hospital in Golan Heights where wounded Syrians are receiving medical treatment • Netanyahu: Iran has changed neither its aggressive policy nor its brutal character.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets a wounded Syrian in a field hospital in the Golan Heights on Tuesday
Photo credit: AFP

Combatting anti-Semitism in Europe

Last week, Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs Ministry released a report titled "Anti-Semitism in 2013: Trends and Events."
Yet, there was barely a scarce mention about it in the media and Jewish community, perhaps because this was the umpteenth report released in recent times about the state of anti-Semitism around the world, and in particular in Europe.
In essence, the report underscores what we have known for some time now: that anti-Semitism in Europe has reached alarming levels, in many parts, such as Hungary and France especially, even unprecedented since the end of the Holocaust, a point also stressed this week by Anti-Defamation League chief Abe Foxman.
Many Jews across Europe are increasingly being forced to change their way of life, hide their identities and even step away from their Judaism out of fear of anti-Semitism.
One of the most disconcerting parts of the report was a suggestion that "most of Europe's Jews have come to terms with anti-Semitism as a chronic disease that has no hope of treatment or eradication," citing that 77 percent of European Jews do not even bother reporting anti-Semitic incidents to any organization, Jewish or otherwise, "due to their belief that the complaints will not be dealt with and that the attackers will not be identified."

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dangers of the Palestinian state

 Yossi Ben-Aharon
We recently learned that shortly before he was deposed, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi contacted al-Qaida and promised to help the terror group set up a base of operations in Sinai. Had Morsi remained in power, the Israel-Egypt border would have become an extension of the Gaza Strip and our peace treaty with Egypt would have gone up in smoke.

What was about to transpire in Egypt, what is taking place in Syria and Lebanon, and what the Arab nations seem to be going through in general, must be used as a cautionary tale when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. The Palestinian Authority assumes that any agreement or treaty will have a dubious future, even if it is backed by American and international assurances -- the value of which we are already familiar with.

Egypt: Jihad/martyrdom suicide bomber behind bus blast; victims were Korean Christians visiting holy sites

Sinaibus“An al-Qaeda-linked Islamist group, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, took responsibility for the bombing. On its Twitter account, the organization promised to continue to attack Egypt’s economy, tourism, and military.” Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis means Supporters of the Holy House, that is, Supporters of Jerusalem — illustrating in itself the truth of Aviv Oreg’s observation that attacks like this one are designed to show that “Israel is their target in their aspirations.” And they consider that if they can destabilize the Egyptian economy and government in the bargain, so much the better.
“Egypt says suicide bomber caused deadly bus blast,” from the Times of Israel, February 17:
CAIRO — A suicide bomber was behind the deadly blast that tore through a bus carrying South Korean tourists, Egyptian security officials said.
The officials said the bomber boarded the bus while it waited near the Egypt-Israel border crossing at Taba in the Sinai Peninsula. The Egyptian driver and the South Korean guide had disembarked but were close to the bus when Sunday’s blast took place, according to the officials….
South Korean officials said the bombing killed three South Koreans and an Egyptian driver. The tourists were Korean Christians who had saved for years to visit Biblical sites on their church’s 60th anniversary.
“The preliminary investigation shows some tourists disembarked to get their bags. A man walked to the bus. There was an explosion when he reached the third step,” interior ministry spokesman Hany Abdel Latif told AFP.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Prime Minister: Don’t Take Diaspora Jews for Granted

Isi Leibler
February 17, 2014

Under the leadership of the indefatigable Malcolm Hoenlein, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, a unique umbrella organization, is gathering in Jerusalem this week. Its members, leaders of America’s most prominent Jewish organizations, will be briefed directly by the Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and senior government ministers.
Alas, unless the unexpected happens and the Prime Minister reads the riot act to his ministers, these American activists will receive mixed messages and are likely to return to the US more confused than when they arrived.

"MUSLIM-ONLY" re-development of the Jaffari Centre in Thornhill.

Apparently, there is an effort to construct a 'Muslim only' housing complex in Toronto.  This should be of concern to U.S. citizens as well because it represents the tactics of those who are trying to establish footholds in the West. Read the info below.
It is important to view this as a security issue - not just political - and it must be taken seriously by anyone who cares about preserving Western civilization.  The publicized goal of radical Islam is the destruction of the West and the creation of a caliphate and global sharia. 
JDL Canada has obtained additional information uncovering the backers of the proposed "MUSLIM-ONLY" re-development of the Jaffari Centre in Thornhill.
Principals and proponents of the Jaffari Centre are busily engaged in damage control trying to persuade municipal legislators and members of the public that they are indeed good neighbours and care for the concerns expressed about their "MUSLIM-ONLY" re-development proposal.
This group which receives funding from Iran is the same group that sponsors "AL QUDS" day - a hatefest openly celebrated annually on the streets of Toronto.  If you have any doubt about that - here is a snapshot of the bus schedule showing the Jaffari Centre as one of the transportation pick up locations.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Netanyahu Warns World Over Iran Aggression

Tova Dvorin

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened his weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday with more words of warning to the West over Iran. 

"The major powers' talks with Iran will resume this week. Until now, it must be said, it is Iran which has gained without giving anything significant," he began. "It has received a major easing of sanctions and the Iranian economy is already responding appropriately. Iran is also continuing its aggressive policy both inside Iran and outside Iran."

"Inside Iran, it is executing innocent people," Netanyahu continued. "Outside Iran, it supports the continued killings by the Syrian regime, which would be unable to act without it, without its support."

"Iran is also continuing to arm terrorist organizations with advanced, deadly weapons and, of course, it is continuing to call for the destruction of the State of Israel. At the same time, Iran is continuing with advanced research and development of centrifuges. Iran is not prepared to concede even one centrifuge."

Terrorist planned attack in order to be imprisoned and receive PA salary

Terrorist's testimony to police following his arrest
confirms PMW contention that PA salaries to terrorists
both reward and encourage terror
by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Imprisoned Palestinian terrorist Husni Najjar explained to Israeli Police that he planned a second terror attack in order to be captured and imprisoned by Israel a 
Transcript of terrorist's testimony,
in Israeli police report 
second time, so that he would receive the salaries the Palestinian Authority pays to prisoners while in jail and following their release. In his signed statement given to the police following his second arrest, a copy of which is in the possession of Palestinian Media Watch, he explains that the money he received from the PA as salary during his first prison term amounted to only 45,000 shekels. However, the salary he would receive following his second prison term and subsequent release would leave him with "135,000 shekels." "And thus I would cover my debts," the terrorist explained his motive for planning the attack. 

The Israeli-Palestinian Water Conflict: An Israeli Perspective

New BESA Center Study Published

by Prof. Haim Gvirtzman 

This important new study by Prof. Haim Gvirtzman, based on previously classified data, refutes Palestinian claims that Israel is denying West Bank Palestinians water rights negotiated under the Oslo Accords. The study also proposes a practical plan for Israeli-Palestinian water sharing in the future. 

In this BESA Center study, hydrologist Prof. Haim Gvirtzman of the Institute of Earth Sciences at the Hebrew University examines Palestinian water claims against Israel by presenting detailed information about water supply systems presently serving Israelis and Palestinians. He also discusses international law and shows that the Palestinians have little basis for their water demands. 

Gvirtzman relies on previously classified data, recently released for publication by the Israeli Water Authority 15 years after the signing of the Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement. The data shows that currently there is almost no difference in per capita consumption of natural water between Israelis and Palestinians. 

Nevertheless, the Palestinian Authority claims that it suffers from water shortages in its towns and villages due to the Israeli occupation and cites international law in support of its claims. These claims amount to more than 700 million cubic meters of water per year (MCM/Y), including rights over the groundwater reservoir of the Mountain Aquifer, the Gaza Strip Coastal Aquifer and the Jordan River. These demands amount to more than 50 percent of the total natural water available between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

Haneyya: Someday, the Palestinian people will liberate their land

Haneyya: Someday, the Palestinian people will liberate their land

Al Qassam website- Gaza- Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya said that the Palestinian people sooner or later would settle their conflict with the Israeli occupation and restore their land.

In his Friday khutba (sermon), premier Haneyya stated that the Palestinian people have elements of strength including faith, fortitude and weaponry, the thing which enables them to defeat the occupation. 

"The Palestinian people are the maker of events in the Palestinian arena because they are on the land of struggle and the land of Jerusalem," Haneyya said.

He emphasized that the conflict with the Israeli occupation is not a mere fighting over borders and land, but it is a struggle to defend the nation, the holy sites and the Palestinian identity.