Recent footage of the alleged shooting of two unarmed Palestinians during Nakba Day clashes at Beitunia were quickly picked up by news outlets around the world, prompting UN and other officials to call for an “independent investigation.”

With the death toll in Syria surpassing 160,000, one cannot help but note the absurd irony of a UN official lecturing Israel about the need for responsible action. It would have been equally ridiculous for the UN to issue directives to Canada, for example, in the wake of alleged transgressions by police during the 2010 G-8 riots in Toronto. Liberal democracies – Israel and Canada alike – have long-established processes to investigate such incidents and hold security officials accountable.
Putting aside the clear double standard, those quick to express outrage should take a moment to consider the veracity of the video footage in question. Without prompting, several Canadian military experts contacted me privately this week to state – with considerable confidence – their belief that the incident is a hoax.