Sunday, May 18, 2014

Israeli Court Rules to Freeze JDECO’s Bank Accounts and Real Estates

ERUSALEM,  (WAFA) – Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO)’s Director General Hisham Al-Omari stated Thursday that JDECO officially received an Israeli  court ruling to freeze its bank accounts and real estate to collect its unpaid debt.
Al-Omar stated that the Israeli Jerusalem District Court ruled to freeze  JDECO’s bank accounts to collect an accumulated debt of NIS 380 million and that it gave JDECO 30 days as of May 7 to pay off its debts.
Israel Electric Company (IEC) had filed a suit at the Jerusalem District Court against JDECO demanding a direct access to the JDECO’s bank accounts to collect an unpaid accumulated debt of NIS 530 million in debt.
Commenting on Israeli media reports that IEC had decided to restrict the power supply to Palestinians in East Jerusalem, Al-Omari stated that his company was not informed about such a decision.

If such a decision is really taken, then it would, according to Al-Omari, constitute a part of reprisals Israeli has been carrying out against the Palestinians in the aftermath of the deadlocked peace process.
Al-Omari called upon all competent authorities to take immediate action in order to stop such Israeli measures that, which if implemented, would undermine JDECO.
He also called upon all Palestinians consumers to pay off their debts in order to enable the company to meet its financial obligations.

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