Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Only in Israel
By Don Morris

As a non-Jew living in Israel these past 9 years, I continue to be struck each year with the power of the Holocaust Remembrance Day. Beginning yesterday at sundown, most of the Israeli TV channels ceased programming-the day of remembering had begun. I watched several shows about the Holocaust and the most powerful ones interviewed survivors and their stories. To not be moved by these words is to demonstrate a callous disregard for your fellow human being or an amoral attitude toward life.

Today, as I was returning home along the sea, the sirens went off, precisely at 10 am-we all stopped, some bowed their heads in prayer, others had tears rolling down onto their cheeks and I felt and experienced yet another day of remembering. You know, it is truly something to be privileged to be in this country at any time but especially today. I invite all of my colleagues,
friends and family to one day join us-if you have an ache in your heart and/or a concern that we are losing our sense of humanity, come to Israel and be renewed in faith and spirit.

I read today that worldwide violence against Jews is surging and that global antisemitism is spiraling upward, this found in a research study by the Tel Aviv University. So many of my friends and colleagues do not believe this is true-I can assure you it is-I know from personal experience as we travel in Europe. As one examines the data, you understand that the danger of such
planned, orchestrated violence portends much for those living contently in the West.

The one place in the world, where one can safely be a Jew is here in Israel. Regardless of your perceived identity as Jewish, you are safe here. Not only is this a land for all of the religious Jews, it is here for those secular Jews who embrace their “Jewishness” as well as those who seem to loathe theirs. I know of no other place, including the USA, where this can be said as a truth. My friends, it is this spirit and tolerance that should be recognized by all the world’s nations!

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