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Beyond natural gas: Does Israel have oil in its future?


CEO of Shemen Oil and Gas Exploration hopes drilling off Ashdod will lead to find natural gas if oil drilling results unsuccessful.

Atwood beacon oil rig, drilling for oil off the coast of Ashdod.
Atwood beacon oil rig, drilling for oil off the coast of Ashdod. Photo: NIV ELIS
Twenty-three years after he got a taste of oil off the shores of Ashkelon, Yossi Levy has unfinished business.
As the head of the government- run Naphtha company in 1988, Levy was part of a team that drilled deep into the Mediterranean Sea and discovered black gold. But the project, which relied on the secret cooperation of US-based Occidental Petroleum at a time when the Arab boycott of Israel was in full swing, hit a wall in 1990.

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Al-Qaeda's Jihad on Anti-Morsi Egyptians

Raymond Ibrahim
Since Islamists have tasted power -- Salafis, Muslim Brotherhood or al-Qaeda -- it is unlikely that they will quietly release the reins of power without a fight.
Now that the Egyptian military appears to have granted the nation's wish—to be rid of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, as millions have been chanting, "Irhal" ["Leave office"] -- al-Qaeda appears to have stepped in.
Hours before Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was sidelined by the military council, Muhammad al-Zawahiri, Egypt's al-Qaeda leader, declared that the terrorist organization would wage a jihad to save Morsi and his Islamist agenda for Egypt. (They would not be the first Islamic terrorists to come to his aid; Hamas members were earlier arrested from inside Muslim Brotherhood headquarters, where they opened fire on protesters.)

Banned Cleric's Outspoken Deputy Visits White House

The article below should be forwarded to every person who cares about the U.S. and its future existence!  Every thinking person should ask why a President who professes to be a Christian would be welcoming to the White House members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood which does not tolerate the existence of  Christians or their houses of worship in countries where the MB is strong! 
Mohammed Morsi has been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and, following his election to the Presidency of Egypt he was so oppressive that he was just overthrown.  Obama was perceived as having supported Morsi and much anger has been expressed against the States and the President because of this.  The Muslim outreach that began with Obama's first foreign policy speech in Cairo in 2009 has seemed to have eroded.  At that time Obama had personally invited several members of the Muslim Brotherhood to hear him.  Two years ago he advocated the overthrow of Mubarak and the election of Morsi. 
Today there are sharia observant 'advisers' working in the White House and, according to a report by Emerson/Rossomando  publicized in Oct., 2012, their year-long research of the White House guest list revealed the extent to which radical Muslims had access to the Obama administration which is continuing to court them.
Following is the link to the article ( plus the beginning of the piece)  Both of the reports by Emerson/Rossomando should be forwarded to everyone who can read!
Oct 21, 2012 - A year-long investigation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has found that scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of ...
JWR contributor Steven Emerson is an internationally recognized expert on terrorism and national security and considered one of the leading world authorities on Islamic extremist networks, financing and operations. He now serves as the Executive Director of The Investigative Project on Terrorism, one of the world's largest archival data and intelligence institutes on Islamic and Middle Eastern terrorist groups.
Jewish World Review Banned Cleric's Outspoken Deputy Visits White House By Steven Emerson and John Rossomando

Just how far is the Obama administration willing to go to court the Muslim Brotherhood both at home and abroad? | Radical Egyptian cleric Yusuf Qaradawi is considered so radical that the United States bans him from entering the country.
Qaradawi, considered the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, has called for the killing of Jews and Americans.
That history makes the June 13 White House meeting with Sheik Abdullah Bin Bayyah all the more inexplicable. Bin Bayyah is vice president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), a group founded by and headed by Qaradawi.

"Bye Bye, Morsi"

It's been rather amazing to witness:
The enormous crowds of millions and millions in Tahrir Square and elsewhere in Egypt -- some say this was the biggest demonstration in history.  Filled with fury at Morsi and his regime.  Close to 50 people died in the violence that ensued with those demonstrations.
And then, when the army moved in, the way in which the rage turned to cheers of jubilation, partying and the setting off of fireworks. 
Credit: Amr Nabil, Associated Press
The will of the people seems clear here (although I qualify this, just as bit, for there are many more millions who were not in the street than the several million who were.) 
It took one year for Morsi to be undone.

Obama Diverts $500M to IRS to Implement Obamacare

Newsmax Wires
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About $500 million is being diverted — outside the normal appropriations process — to the Internal Revenue Service to help implement President Barack Obama's healthcare law, The Hill reports.

The IRS is responsible for several key provisions of the new law, including the unpopular individual mandate, which calls for the IRS to administer subsidies to help low-income people pay for insurance, which are set up as tax credits. The healthcare law also includes a slew of new taxes and fees, some of which are already in effect, including fees on drug companies and insurance policies, The Hill reports.

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Obama: Deeply concerned by removal of Morsi

During his short term in office Mohamed Morsi, an advocate of the Muslim Brotherhood and sharia law, assumed sweeping powers. Although democratically elected, his rule hardly fulfilled the promise of the revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak who kept the Muslim Brotherhood at bay.  That organization is not one that respects human rights; it does not tolerate religions other than Islam.  The Morsi rule brought in an anti-West attitude -the opposite of that which existed under Mubarak.
Egypt is experiencing a counter-revolution at this time and the situation is still fluid. However, it is obvious that millions of Egyptians considered Morsi's rule offensive and his ouster appears to be a search for a different kind of government -  without the confines of the repressive Muslim Brotherhood. 
Two years ago, when demonstrations began in Egypt, President Obama advocated for a government that would include the Muslim Brotherhood and many Egyptians have felt that he has supported Morsi.  It is rather puzzling that an American President who considers himself a Christian would be supportive of an Islamist government that does not respect Christianity - among other religions.
Our crystal ball does not reveal what will happen but, hopefully, the Egyptian military that has taken over now, will help in the transition to a better choice of government for the country and improved relations with the West.  We wait and see.
President Barack Obama spoke out Tuesday on the removal of Mohammed Morsi as Egypt's president, saying he was "deeply concerned" by the decision.
Obama's full statement, via The White House:

In First, London(istan) to Host World Islamic Economic Forum (Video)

The utter glee with which London's political leadership boast about their city being a mega-hub for Islamic finance would have been derided as racist parody had Melanie Phillips written it in her prescient book, "Londonistan."

The Jewish Press
July 4th, 2013
London will host the World Islamic Economic Forum in October, 2013, the first WIEF to be held in a western country.
London will host the World Islamic Economic Forum in October, 2013, the first WIEF to be held in a non-Muslim country.

Melanie Phillips, the brilliantly acerbic British commentator, published a book a few years ago titled, “Londonistan.”  Phillips was aghast at what she saw as the increasing Islamization of her home city, as well as its warm embrace by the British elites, and the short shrift given to the connection between Islamization and terrorism.  Her book was an effort to warn those who were not paying attention that the British character of London was changing.  It was not becoming more international, but instead simply more Islamist.  It was not a change she saw as positive.
Some critics claimed Phillips was being an alarmist, others tarred her with the very worst thing anyone can be called these days: a racist.


It seems illogical that mass protests should force an elected president from office, especially only a year into a four-year term. But democracy in Egypt, such that it exists, has not been institutionalized, in large part because President Mohamed Morsi failed to govern via consensus. His November 22 constitutional declaration asserting unchecked executive authority and its subsequent withdrawal, which he used to push an Islamist constitution to ratification, permanently alienated Egypt's non-Islamist masses, and they are now fighting his autocratic tactics not in the ballot box, but in the streets.

Changing of the guard in Egypt‏

Chana Givon

The days long demonstrations in Egypt against President Morsi has culminated in a coup to remove him from office.  This news has dominated the networks for the last several hours and the news has covered the globe by now.
We who live so close by have ringside seats to what is going on in the neighborhood.  One of the outcomes has been the anti-Obama/ anti-American statements that are coming out.
Just recall the history of the Obama administration's contact with Egypt which had been considered a country friendly to the U.S. under the previous President, Hosni Mubarak.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Op-Ed: Finland Has Its Own Anti-Semitism

Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Ken Sikorski: "I myself have witnessed Muslims giving the Nazi salute or shouting Allahu Akbar during pro-Israel rallies."

Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Ken Sikorski

“In Finnish civil society, one finds an increasing anti-Israel bias. The tiny Jewish community faces problems as well. Anti-Israelism is often promoted in the media. The Helsingin Sanomat, the nation's largest subscription newspaper, devoted an entire page to review a book by Israeli Avraham Burg on Holocaust Memorial Day in 2009. Thus Finnish readers learned from this leftist that ‘'Jews are obsessed with the Holocaust and need to get over it.’” Middle East conflict related issues found their distorted way into the paper’s 'Reality of the Holocaust' series.
“The Helsingin Sanomat also published a cartoon depicting a scene from 1943 of a German guard holding a bar of 'Jew-free-soap'. Yet another example of the paper’s manipulations was an interview with a young Jewish woman who explained that she prefers to live in Iran where Jews and Muslims have friendly relations, rather than in Israel. She added that Ayatollah Khomenei had built a just republic which cared for religious minorities.

The Vatican and Islam

Lawrence A. Franklin

In Europe, Muslims are engaged in religious proselytizing; on the Arabian peninsula, all proselytizing for any faith other than Islam is forbidden. This lack of reciprocity grates on the Vatican. In the Muslim chant, "Allah-hu Akbar" ["Allah is Greater"], what is left implied, is: Greater than the Hebraic or Christian Gods.

All About Rocks

"Tu es Petrus et super hanc petram aedificabo Ecclesiam meam et portae inferi non praevalebunt adversus eam"
You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.[1]
"Glorified and exalted is He (Allah) who took His slave Muhammad for a journey by night from al-Masjid al-Haram in Mecca to the farthest mosque (al-Aksa) the area which we made holy."[2]
"Evven Hashesiya" (cornerstone of the universe) is on Chosen (Mt. Moriah). The site of Adam's creation, the rock upon which Abraham bound his Son Isaac, the altar upon which Noah offered thanksgiving after departing the Ark. Historically, within yards of the "Holy of Holies" of Solomon and post-exilic Temples. Here rested the Ark of the Covenant containing the tablets of the Commandments (forged by God on Mt. Sinai and given to Moses), Aaron's rod, and manna that fed the Hebrews in the desert.[3]

Danonism or realism?

Repeating the mistakes of Lebanon and Gaza will not bring peace but rather bloodshed. This is not ‘Danonism,’ it is simply realism.

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon of Likud

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon of Likud Photo: Courtesy: Knesset
Talk of renewed negotiations with the Palestinian leadership has taken center stage over the past few weeks, with US Secretary of State John Kerry adopting Kissinger-like shuttle tactics in the hope of brokering an agreement on starting talks between the two sides.

In defending her desperate attempt to bring the Palestinians back to the table, our lead negotiator, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, took offense at comments made by Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon, who dismissed any talk of a two-state solution at this juncture. Livni called on Prime Minister Netanyahu not to allow “Danonism,” as she coined it, to run amok in his government.

Similar comments made by Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett, who dismissed concessions to the Palestinians, were likewise criticized by President Shimon Peres, who referred to Bennett as “a senior minister, but not a senior policy maker.”

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Will the Claims Conference Board Act Before it is Too Late?

Isi Leibler
July 2, 2013

On July 8, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany (the Claims Conference), the wealthiest Jewish organization in the world, will hold its annual board meeting behind closed doors.

Board members will be obliged to respond to scandals about their organization that have been widely circulated throughout the media, casting shame on the entire Jewish community. The most serious issue under review will be the lack of accountability in relation to $57+ million stolen by 17 employees, including a high ranking administrator, over a 16-year period under the very noses of senior executives at the head office.

Temporary Reprieve‏

July 1, 2013
"Temporary Reprieve"
I would like to begin with a link to a Youtube that provides an audio news broadcast about Muslim Brotherhood leader Qaradawi and Obama's connection to him. 

It well worth listening to and sharing.  People sometimes receive audio information better than the written word.  And this information is pure dynamite. (With thanks to Salomon Benzimra of the Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights.)

Monday, July 01, 2013

Egypt: Christians Being Threatened Not to Join Protests

Raymond Ibrahim
Sadly, not only do some Islamic leaders insist that Egypt's Christians have no right to protest, but apparently so does the current U.S. administration: Days before the protests, U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson asked the Coptic Pope to urge the Copts not to protest – thus validating Sharia law's position concerning subjugated Christians.
Hours before the June 30 protests began against Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood party, the nation's Christians were once again singled out for behaving like citizens who have the right to participate in the protests.

In Minya, Upper Egypt, where millions of Christians live, letters addressed to the Copts threatened them not to join the protests, otherwise their "businesses, cars, homes, schools, and churches" might "catch fire." The message concluded by saying, "If you are not worried about any of these, then worry about your children and your homes. This message is being delivered with tact. But when the moment of truth comes, there will be no tact." It's signed by "People zealous for the nation."

Such threats are not limited to anonymous letters. During a recent TV interview, Sheikh Essam Abdulamek, a member of the parliament's Shura Council, warned Egypt's Christians against participating in the June 30 protests. "Do not sacrifice your children," he said, as "general Muslim opinion will not be silent about the ousting of the president [Morsi]."

A ‘Dear John’ letter

Fresno Zionism
Could this be you?

Dear John,
I know that you won’t be happy to hear this, but as someone who cares, I just had to write this letter.
Don’t do it. Or rather, stop doing it before you look even dumber than you already look.
You are using up valuable time, money and most of all, the reputation of the United States by following your obsession.

You’re not the first, but I have to say that it’s often impossible for me to understand some people’s weird obsessions. Like Anthony Weiner, for example. What could he have been thinking?
But I digress. I’m talking about the so-called ‘peace process’ of course, although I devoutly wish it were just another sex scandal. At least sometimes the sex scandals make sense.

Good news/bad news from the UK Board of Deputies

Elder of Ziyon


British shoppers will be encouraged to buy Israeli products next week as part of an initiative to counter boycott campaigns.

Dates, fruit, olives and wines are expected to be among the items that Israel supporters add to their shopping trolleys and baskets.

It is hoped that Buy Israeli Goods Week, starting on Monday, will nullify the efforts of anti-Israel activists who are expected to lobby Sainsbury’s next month in an attempt to see Israeli products removed from the chain’s stores.

The pro-Israel scheme — dubbed a “buycott” — has been co-ordinated by Stand With Us, the Zionist Federation, the Board of Deputies and the Fair Play Campaign Group.

Brain dead on the Right?


The only thing more dangerous, delusional and disastrous than the Left's proposal for a two-state solution, is the proposal now bandied about by the Right - for a one-state solution
MK TZIPI HOTOVELY visits the Temple Mount, May 26, 2013

MK TZIPI HOTOVELY visits the Temple Mount, May 26, 2013 Photo: Ezra Gabay
The nation is a soul, a spiritual principle. Two things... constitute this soul or spiritual principle. One is the possession in common of a rich legacy of memories; the other is present-day consent, the desire to live together, the will to perpetuate the value of the heritage that one has received. –Ernest Renan, What is a Nation?

A portion of mankind... united among themselves by common sympathies which do not exist between them and any others – which make them cooperate with each other more willingly than with other people, desire to be under the same government, and desire that it should be government by themselves or a portion of themselves exclusively.
 – John Stuart Mill, On Representative Government

Yes, I know I have cited these excerpts before. Last March to be exact – see “The New York Times versus the Jews” and “Israel’s imperative: Jewish and democratic.” The difference is that then, I harnessed them to debunk far-left anti-Zionist calls for a one-state approach to the Israel- Palestinian conflict. Now it appears I have to invoke them to debunk rightwing proposals, which call for almost exactly the same thing.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

‘Americans Know the Two-State Solution has Failed’

Eliran Aharon, Maayana Miskin

United States leaders realize that the so-called “two-state solution” has failed, former Yesha Council head Danny Dayan declared following a round of meetings with senior U.S. officials.

Dayan spoke to Arutz Sheva after speaking to several high-ranking leaders. In his latest trip to American, he has been “places where no official representatives of Yesha [Judea and Samaria] have ever been,” he said.

Dayan will also meet with high-ranking figures in the American media.

Regarding U.S. pressure on Israel to mollify the Palestinian Authority, Dayan said, “If there is any pressure, I didn’t feel it. I on the contrary feel a wish to reassess American policies in the Middle East.”

Religion of peace? You decide

First picture of British teenager left fighting for life 'after being stabbed 17 times, tortured and stripped naked for kissing a Turkish girl at resort'

  • Dwayne Ward was found naked in a garden in the Tepe district of Marmaris
  • The teenager is said to be in a critical condition at local hospital 
  • Two men have been arrested after a huge police manhunt
  • Dwayne: 'I was having fun while I was out and I kissed a Turkish girl'

Dwayne Ward is pictured in a football team line-up. As we look at the pic he is o
Horrifying: Dwayne Ward, 17, is fighting for his life following the attack in Turkey
A British teenager is still fighting for his life after he was stripped naked and 'stabbed 17 times' for kissing a local girl in a Turkish bar. 
Dwayne Ward, 17, was found soaked in blood in a garden in the Tepe district of Marmaris, by locals after a night out with his older brother on Tuesday.  
A police report revealed Dwayne said: 'I was having fun while I was out and I kissed a Turkish girl at the bar I was in.'
'I went to another bar and that was when they hit me in the head with a hard object.'
He then added, according to The Sun: 'I don't remember the rest.'
The teenager, from Middlesbrough, Cleveland, was on holiday with his brother Darren, 32, and their mother Doris. 
He was found at 7.30am with injuries including cuts to the throat, chest, groin, legs and back.
The teenager was taken to the intensive care unit of the Marmaris State Hospital - he is reportedly in a critical condition.
Attila Dincer, 26, who works cleaning cars in the area near to where Dwayne was found, is now being questioned in relation to the incident.
He was arrested in the early hours of Thursday morning and shortly after Ismail A, 24, from Aksaray, was arrested on a bus in Konya, 354 miles away.