Sunday, November 05, 2006

Welcome! We are a grass roots organization located in both Israel and the United States. Our intention is to be pro-active on behalf of Israel. This means we will identify the topics that need examination, analysis and promotion. Our intention is to write accurately what is going on here in Israel rather than react to the anti-Israel media pieces that comprise most of today's media outlets.

We deliver our messages utilizing a variety of communication venues; one, of course, is the Blogosphere. Our project was launched several months ago and several of our pro-active pieces have been printed and posted; some of those are soon to appear on this blog. Every day we shall update, add, delete, and/or edit the work sent to us by advocates for Israel around the world.

We have established standards for acceptance of pieces written for our targeted topics and populations. We do not create facts nor do we abuse the truth-if you are interested in taking Israel's message to the world, fair and honestly, we are the site for you. Welcome and enjoy!