Sunday, December 01, 2013

Israel Can't Count on America - Can It Count on Itself?

A list of historical facts that justify the title of the article.

America today is the same America that:
1.Stopped Jewish immigration in the twenties.
2. Turned anti-Semitic in the depression
3. Allowed its citizens to finance the Nazi war machine.
4. Banned Jewish refugees from entering the US during the Holocaust.
5. Refused to bomb the railways transporting Jews to extermination centers.
6. Refused to bomb the extermination camps.
7. Was against the creation of Israel. Fortunately counter-manded by Pres Truman.

8. Placed an arms embargo on Israel after its creation which lasted until after the Six day War.
9. Forced Israel to withdraw from the Sinai after it conquered it in 1956.
11. Ordered Israel to wait to be attacked before the ’73 war which wasted precious hours.
10. Refused to resupply the IDF in the ‘73 war in the early days when it was sorely needed.
11. Prevented Israel from delivering the coup de gras in that war.
12. Sided with Egypt in demanding Israel retreat from every inch of the Sinai.
13. Forced Israel to put Jerusalem on the table in the Madrid Peace Conference
14. Was against Israel bombing the Osirak reactor in Iraq.
15. Ordered Israel not to attack Iraq in the Gulf War in ’91 even if attacked.
16 Demanded full withdrawal by Israel from all territories contrary to UNSC Res 242
17. Demanded Israel dismantle some settlements and stop building them.
18. Has called the settlements “illegitimate” since 1980
19. Supported the creation of a Palestinian state. (Bush vision speech)
20. Demanded that we not totally defeat Hamas in the first war against them (2009)
21. Supports Auschwitz borders.
22. Demanded Israel refrain from attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities.
23. Embraced the Muslim Brother and now Iran,  both of which call for the eradication of Israel.
Don’t count on America.
At the same time, it seems that Israel is incapable of saying “no”
America has forced Israel to:
1. Accept the Roadmap which contained the Saudi Plan and prohibited settlement construction. Israel’s 14 reservations meant nothing and Res 242 was forgotten about.
2. Sign the Rafah Agreement that squeezed Israel out of the Rafah Crossing thereby giving rise to unrestricted smuggling. The result of which was over 10,000 rockets coming Israel’s way.
3. Accept Res 1701 at end of the second Lebanon war which was to stop Hezbollah from rearming. It did no such thing and now the US is negotiating with Hezbollah.

4. Apologize to Erdogan when she was in the right, on the understanding that Turkey would again work with her. A total failure.
5. Release 104 convicted murders as a sweetener to get Abbas to enter negotiations which are of no value to her.
6. Enter into negotiation for a settlement while at the same time agreeing with the Arab position of ’67 borders plus minor swaps. Israel should not have entered negotiations on these conditions.
7. Forgo a pre-emptive strike on Iran. Look what that got her.
8. Accept a link between Iran and Palestine. Israel is now in Washington to negotiate the quid pro quo.
9. Greatly reduce construction East of green line even in Jerusalem.
10. Refrain from building in E1.
Of Israel’s own volition she
1. Caved to China’s demand that she not let her employee testify in a lawsuit on behalf of terror victims.
2. Caved to the EU on their Guidelines by compromising on Horizon 2020.
3. Caved to the EU by turning a blind eye to her support of the Arab theft of land and illegal construction in Area C.
4. Permits all the EU financed left-wing subversive NGO’s to function with barely a peep.
Does anyone think for a moment that this pattern will change?

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