Thursday, July 25, 2013

West Bank Palestinians Enter Israel through Gaps in Security Barrier

(Maan News-PA)

    Thousands of Palestinian workers regularly cross through a valley in al-Walaja and climb up a mountain to reach Jerusalem in about an hour, without encountering a single sign that marked a border.
    Having no legal work permit, they cross from the West Bank into Israel through one of many large gaps in the security barrier.
    According to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the separation wall has reduced Palestinian attacks in Israel by 90%, yet after ten years of construction, only 62% of the barrier has been completed.

Between 20,000 to 30,000 Palestinian workers make a similar climb every year, according to Israeli group Kav LaOved, opting to avoid the arduous, often impossible process of obtaining a legal work permit.

Instead, they cross from the West Bank, and into Israel, through one of many large gaps in the security barrier.

Leading the small group of internationals climbing their way to Jerusalem was a young man from al-Azza refugee camp in the West Bank. 

He is one of the millions of Palestinians who are not eligible to receive a permit to work in Israel. Regardless, he is able to enter Israel as he pleases.

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