Friday, August 22, 2008

Saudis: Jews give you cancer!

Our Friends and Allies the Saudis Update: "Saudis warn: Israeli products cancerous," by Rachelle Kliger for the Media Line News Agency, August 21 (thanks to Writer Mom): Saudi trade officials are warning against what they claim to be cancerous products made in Israel and other countries that are allegedly being smuggled into the kingdom.

The Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry said smugglers are bringing in the products through Djibouti, Yemen and Somalia. The chamber was urging importers and traders to be watchful regarding this merchandise.

The products, said to be manufactured in Israel, China and Taiwan, include pesticides, agricultural fertilizers, children's toys, canned foods, perfumes, cigarettes, juices and candy.

Israel and Saudi Arabia have no diplomatic relations.

Last month the Saudi Interior Ministry said it had information that smugglers on the coastal areas of the Arabian Peninsula were bringing in illegal and fake products.

Saudi authorities were asking importers to take the necessary steps to stop Israeli products from entering the kingdom.

An unnamed official from the Israeli trade industry told The Media Line that the rumors of carcinogenic products being smuggled from Israel into Saudi Arabia were "improbable."

"Every so often we see reports of this kind in the Saudi media. I believe it's part of the Saudi demonization of relations with Israel," the source said....

Uh, yeah.

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