Monday, August 25, 2008

Re a message to Secretary of State Rice

To the Editor
The Jerusalem Post

Far too long have we heard the phrase 'peace process' bandied about in the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. The word 'process' implies give and take on both sides until compromise is reached. This has not been the case in the Middle East.
While Israel has been required to uphold commitments and has forced 'painful concessions' from its citizens there has been no such demand from the 'peace partner' that openly refused to disarm and disband its terrorist groups. Relinquishing territory has only brought the enemy closer to Israel's urban areas.

Now it is time to set the record straight and relegate the phrase 'peace process' to the category of fiction.
The conflict is not about territory; the demand for Israel to relinquish land is only for the purpose of weakening the state in order to destroy it. The enemy does not hide its true goals; it is we who are not listening!

Secretary of State Rice is arriving for the umpteenth time to force more concessions from Israel. She must be firmly informed by Olmert and Livni that 'land for peace' is out and the new slogan is 'peace for peace'!

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