Friday, October 05, 2007

Yousef: European parties try to find political room for Hamas in the West

GAZA, (PIC)-- Ahmed Yousef, the political advisor to premier Ismail Haneyya, affirmed on Wednesday that there are official and semi-official European parties seeking to find political room for Hamas in the West. "There are European attempts to create political presence for Hamas in the European states, in the sense that there would be official and semi-official meetings with the European countries, and the statements recently issued by European institutions calling for the need to communicate with Hamas confirm that," Yousef stated in a press release received by the PIC.
The political advisor pointed out that the recent statements of some European presidents and officials reflected the desire to open up to Hamas in its capacity as a key player in the Palestinian politics that enjoys huge popularity in the Palestinian street.
The political advisor underlined that the Europeans are aware that no one would dare to take any initiative without the consent of Hamas and they look for a way to integrate Hamas in the political process with their understanding of Hamas's vision towards the issue of resistance as a legitimate right as long as the Israeli occupation exists.
The political advisor also pointed out in this context that there are American pressures on some parties not to open up to Hamas, adding that this matter will remain stalled for some time until the current radical American administration, which is totally biased to the Israeli occupation, leaves the White House.
He added: "The coming years may witness a shift in the American policy towards dealing objectively and impartially with the Palestinian affairs and this would open the door for Europe to get strongly involved in the Palestinian file and to deal seriously and officially with Hamas."

Comment: As long as Hamas can play one Western country or entity off against another -it will never be motivated to change its behavior. This is simply a fact of human behavior.

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