Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Remember last week's boast-we are free in Iran?

Comment: I guess that definition of freedom means you can say what you want if it agrees with our position; BUT if you dare challenge us, we shall use all the Western tools to make you back down-hmm, sounds like school yard bully behavior to me!

Teheran summons French envoy over tough talk by French FM Last month, Kouchner said the world should "prepare for the worst" in Iran, specifically "war." Amid criticism, Kouchner later softened that, insisting he just wanted to underline the gravity of the Iranian nuclear problem.
"Kouchner, in unrealistic and irresponsible remarks, has accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of seeking to obtain a nuclear bomb," the broadcast said, adding that the charge d'affairs was summoned to Iran's Foreign Ministry to receive a formal protest over his remarks.

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