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Israel is being set up to be manipulated within the next month

When the Arabist U.S. State Department goes into full attack mode against Israel and thus American Jews, one must look a little deeper for motive. Generally, when Israel is being set up to be manipulated within the next month or two, the propaganda machine in the bowels of the State Department starts calling in its IOUs from certain flagship journals to do a black bag job on Israel. Newspapers are the main venue and such papers as the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, LA Times , among others are the selected leakers.
Tuesday, October 2nd, the Chicago Tribune went way out of the way to bash Israel on an event that occurred 40 years ago on June 8, 1967 when Israel was fighting for her life against Egypt , Syria, Jordan and other attacking Muslim Arab armies who swore to annihilate the Jewish State. This incident was called the "Liberty Affair".
I was puzzled for a few minutes as to why the Chicago Tribune had devoted a front page with picture, headline, above-the-fold story, plus a full two page spread inside to an event that occurred 40 years ago. The title of the article was "New Revelation in Attack on American Spy Ship". As I read it, there were no new "revelations" but another dredging up of all the emotional interchanges of the time as if it happened yesterday.
The story was replete with carefully selected, provocative photos that the Trib is famous for which are selected to indict and convince the readers that what follows in loaded words must be true.
But, Why Now? Why was the Trib selected as first point media source to anger the American public and Congress against Israel ?
THE MOTIVE: Lynching-of-Israel Conference "Middle East Summit" set for November 15th
To begin with I concluded that the timing was selected to build up a head of steam before the Lynching-of-Israel Conference "Middle East Summit" set for November 15th at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland . Its location was carefully selected so those who would protest would easily be kept out-of-sight and out-of-sound to the delegates.
Israel is set to be pilloried and forced to abandon more than half of Jerusalem to Arafat's terrorists who are now in the hands of Arafat's 40 year operations and bag man, companion and financier, Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen). During this "Lynching" Israel is also supposed to surrender a large stretch of her ancestral heartland, 100% of Judea and Samaria. This Land, given by G-d to the Jewish people in perpetuity, will shortly be converted into an excellent missile firing position as has been happening in Gaza since 16,000 Jewish men, women and children were evicted from their homes, farms, schools, synagogues and cemeteries two years ago. The targets will be the rest of Israel's population, 80% of which resides in the crowded coastal areas - plus the Ben Gurion International Airport.
Then President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and James Baker III (former Sec. State) also want to reward Syria 's Bashar Al Assad by forcing Israel to abandon the Golan Heights where Israel carefully observes Syria's army now - with sophisticated electronics. This is the same Syria which presently is acting as the doorway for Muslim Terrorists (euphemistically called "insurgents") to enter Iraq to kill American soldiers and Iraqi civilians and soldiers.
They want Israel to give up Israel 's current natural invasion barrier called the Jordan Valley. Japan has offered to assist by creating an agricultural, industrial Park (using Israel's water) for the Muslim Arab Palestinians to grow desirable fruits and vegetables which will be shipped to Jordan who will then transship to the Arab States and Europe. Everyone benefits. The Arab Palestinians will have lucrative work; the Jordanians will benefit financially; the Arab States and Europe will get bumper early crops of garden foods and Israel will lose more of her scarce water resources, land for living and growing food and - the long natural invasion barrier that now protects her longest Eastern border.
This planned slicing up of the Jewish State may give you a partial idea of why the Trib may have been tasked by the State Department and White House to bash Israel at this particular time.
Clearly, the Tribune attack was in synchronization with the planned "Lynching" group assembled by Condi Rice. This November 15th Lynching Kangaroo Court consists of Israel's most dedicated enemies. To complete the full picture, you must know who will act as the inquisitors in this Kangaroo Court, denials notwithstanding.
First, are the creators of the so-called "Quartet" who supposedly created George W. Bush's "Road Map". In the Quartet is the "Captain", that is the pro-Arab U.S. State Department fronted by Rice with James Baker prompting from the background, with the highly likely Jewish advisors of Baker's former team, telling him of the weak spots in the Jewish leadership. The U.S. State Department has always been known for trying to abort the birth of the State of Israel in 1947-8 and ever since, to manipulate its speedy demise.
Then there is the U.N. (United Nations) well known for continually voting condemnations of Israel but, never condemning the Terrorist Nations and those who support those hostile to the Western countries freedoms and democracy.
The E.U. (European Union) will be there and many of them have been known as those nations who collaborated with Adolph Hitler by turning their Jews over to the Nazi Gestapo for liquidation. Of course, Russia plays its role - but, its history cannot be hidden. Russia continually persecuted its Jews with pogroms, forcing the Jews to live in abject poverty with high taxes and in the "Pale of Settlement " on poor land. Now Russia is said to be arming Iran with nuclear technology and Syria with weapons.
Then you have the "Quartet" which while it contains the U.S. State Department, the U.N., the E.U. and Russia, it operates with its own agenda. In addition, this amalgam includes all the Arab Muslim nations whose oil riches control many of those other countries who might have been neutral and more fair without that manipulation. Here we must include U.S. and European vested interests plus the U.N. leaders who embezzled billions in the oil-for-food scam.
Tony Blair has been appointed by the Quartet to act a high manipulator, and IF you are aware of past British attitudes toward the Jews of Israel, you will understand his appointment.
The Arab League, Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia will be invited and will attend IF Rice can squeeze out "Pre-Concessions" from the weak, corrupt, craven Quisling Ehud Olmert, they too will come. Naturally, Abu Mazen, head of Fatah (including the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades, Tanzim and other Terror organizations left over from Arafat's days) will come.
All of the above band of cut throats are being assembled by Bush and Rice to hack Israel into smaller bits, denials notwithstanding.

As for the USS Liberty, the Trib and its author John Crewdson leave out a few major details. In June 1967 there was a violent life-and-death battle taking place all across the Sinai Desert , the Golan Heights and in Jerusalem after King Hussein (unwisely) attacked. Egypt 's Gamal Abdul Nasser and Syria's Hafez al Assad had repeatedly threatened Israel with annihilation.
Many in the U.S. Arabist Section of the State Department didn't want Egypt to lose the battle or, at least, they wanted to minimize Egypt 's defeat. All during this time an electronic spy ship was monitoring Israeli and Egyptian communication between tank forces and aircraft. That ship should not have been in a hot battle area because there was a significant risk to itself and crew. Sending unmarked surveillance teams into war zones is a risk nations take for whatever their own reasons and motives. They generally do not shout out their identity - mostly because all know an enemy can change flags and markings - depending on who they are trying to trick.
There was concern discussed at the time that this spy ship (the Trib does use that term right out front in its banner headline) was picking up battle information and positions in order to transfer them to Egypt. The claim then was that the Liberty looked like an Egyptian spy ship which was denied in follow-on arguments. Many of Israel's "Friends and Enemies" knew that the plan was to defeat and occupy Israel with an accompanying slaughter . It was not anticipated that Israel could possible defeat Egypt, Syria and Jordan in a three-front war.
However, precautions were taken to insure that Israel 's adversaries would have the benefit of additional intelligence so they could maneuver and outflank Israel 's armored forces in the Sinai and Golan Heights . Betraying a friend and ally needed deep cover lest it became public knowledge, affecting politics back in the countries who decided that it would be better for all concerned if Israel were defeated by Muslim Arab countries and the Jewish State simply disappeared. Naturally, there was to be a highly publicized follow-on mission of rescue of those left alive in Israel . That's called a "Win-Win" in Intelligence parlance. Israel was not supposed to win that war and, no doubt, disappointed her detractors at the State Department.
IF the spy ship was picking up Israeli battle plans and transferring them to Egypt, then they had clearly taken sides and would be viewed as a hostile force - regardless of who they were. The NSA (National Security Agency) was never asked to release its Intel tapes, if indeed they were receiving and transferring battle info to Egypt. Each side denied responsibility and its doubtful the real story will ever be told - except for a self-serving manipulation like the Tribune screed.
The hit on the Liberty was finally judged a mistake in identification and the matter was officially closed. However, there were those who dedicated their lives to keeping the matter alive - as seen in this Tribune blast which used statements from sailors on that ship who themselves were not ever in the intelligence loop of "need-to-know" information of the actual mission. No doubt, the argument of fault will continue but, the timing of the Chicago Tribune assault and the placement and date of the coming Mid East Summit is more than a little suspicious.
The Tribune assault has several roles to play. First, it is intended to frighten American Jews into silence before the November Lynch Party. The location of the Summitis the U.S. Naval Academy at Anapolis. Do you think that is a coincidence? I don't.
Second, it must also silence AIPAC so that the American lobby for Israel will not lobby Congress to interfere with the disassembling of Israel . The process of shutting down AIPAC began a few years ago when a sting operation was approved by Bush and Rice regarding "transfer of information". The "sting" involved a so-called illegal leak to AIPAC about Iran 's transfer of arms to Syria - something that the State Department apparently didn't want Israel to know.
Third, the timing: Simultaneous with the Jewish community's biggest meeting of the year, the UJC (United Jewish Communities) General Assembly had already been scheduled for at least a year to be held on November 13-15th in Nashville, Tennessee. Simultaneity is not coincidental. American, Israeli and World Jewry will have to choose which event to attend. Presumably, the Bush Administration will be speaking at this forum to convince the Jewish attendees that giving up Jerusalem, 'et al' will somehow guarantee that the Muslim Arab Palestinian Terrorists, the Arab nations and the radical Islamists will cease terror . It is expected that, while Israel is being dissected in Maryland, the Jews attending their G.A. in Tennessee will be applauding the Bush speeches in Annapolis which will be promising "Peace in Our Time" .
I have little doubt that we'll see a sequence of other flag-ship journals and lesser lights picking up the story as it if were today's hot news. I expect to see a lot of S..t. thrown against the wall to see what sticks before the November 15th lynching by Bush, Rice and Baker against Israel. As for the European Media, they never need a reason to bash Israel but, Condi's Lynch Party will be attractive to up the condemnations.
The State Department seems to have pulled out all the stops to insure the victim (Israel ) will, indeed, be lynched and left twisting in the wind at the November Surprise. That has been the State Department's goal since 1947 and has not stopped or faltered a day since. While Rice is the "talking head" for Bush, look for James Baker as the "masked" arranger slightly off in the shadows advising Rice how to best get at the Jews - as he did in the failed "Road Map" plan.
I speculated as to whether this Tribune attack was the "Kick-off Campaign of Propaganda" but, then remembered CNNs Christiane Amanpour's spectacular earlier series "The Warriors of God".which was aired twice in August 2007. Christiane, herself an Iranian, opened the series by positioning Israel as the baseless attacker of those poor innocent Palestinians. Perhaps the Amanpour series was the real "Kick-off" of State's preparation to Lynch Israel. CNN is sort of like the New York Times of TV and well connected to State. Recall how CNN was allowed to stay in Iraq by Saddam Hussein in 1991 while all the other TV outlets were kicked out during the first Gulf War when Hussein attacked Kuwait .
They really pulled open the manhole cover to this sewer and the stink of managed news is smelling up to the ceiling.
1. "New Revelations in Attack On American Spy Ship: The Strike on the USS Liberty" by John Crewdson Chicago Tribune Tues. October 2, 2007

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