Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Suicide bombing attack in Tel Aviv prevented

A suicide bombing attack was prevented in Tel Aviv when an explosive belt was found hidden in an apartment in the southern part of the city. The attack was prevented as the result of a broad Israeli security force counterterrorist activities in the refugee camp of Ein Beit Alma' in Nablus , during which dozens of terrorist operatives were detained and large quantities of weapons found The suicide bombing attack, which was to have been carried out by a joint Hamas-Popular Front squad, was prevented when a resident of Nablus who worked in Tel Aviv was detained. His interrogation led the Israeli security forces to the explosive belt, which weighed 10 kg ( 22 lbs ) and was hidden in an apartment in south Tel Aviv. The belt was discovered on Yom Kippur (September 22) and detonated in a controlled explosion. 1

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