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Emanuel A. Winston
Mid East Analyst & Commentator

Even the most naive among us knows that when politicians assure the public that they are "not up to no good", that’s the time to hide the silverware. The White House is responding to a growing ground swell of objections to its coming November International "Peace Conference". This calls together most, if not all, of Israel’s dedicated armies to discuss what Israel must give up for that illusory word: "Peace".

The White House is clearly getting nervous if it is now vomiting up assurances that "nothing conclusive will be done at this gathering". There is nothing as frightening as when diplomats and politicians give out sincere promises to the public. It is a sure sign that they are going to gang up on someone, be it a nation or a person, for an old fashioned lynching.

Israel is to be the designated victim and the hanging mob will be led by President George W. Bush, Secretary Condoleezza Rice and former Secretary James Baker III, within the pro-Arab U.S. State Department’s usual agenda. Other bar-room thugs officiating will be the rest of the so-called "quartet", including the U.N., E.U., Russia, the Arab League, Egypt and (if they agree to come to the lynching...Saudi Arabia).

The idea is to pacify all of us so we won’t swamp the pro-Israel American Congress with demands for their presence and protests. They also do not want protesters anywhere near the site of the meeting so it has to take place at a center where the public can be held far away - like Camp David, or Wye, or Crawford, Texas or somewhere that the Military, Police and/or National Guard can block any democratic challenge to a government policy intended to disassemble the Jewish State of Israel.
After all, a public lynching is not what the Bush Administration wants before national elections. Also the Europeans do not want to be seen again arranging for a Jewish Genocide as they participated in during WWII.

The propaganda machines in the bowels of Foggy Bottom (the U.S. State Department) and the White House are burning the midnight oil drafting news releases that speak about the Grand Peace Israel will receive from Syria, Hezb’Allah, Hamas, Fatah, PFLP, the Muslim Brotherhood and all those Arab nations with Charters that call for the absolute destruction of the so-called "infidel" Jewish entity - as mandated in the Koran.

In Israel, Olmert has tasked the Leftist Media to assure the people that he will consult with his Cabinet and the Knesset before he "implements" the "Declaration of Principles" which he has already committed to in writing with Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen). Abbas released the "secret" document to the Media and Olmert promptly denied its existence That "Declaration of Principles" lists the Israeli Land, given by G-d to the Jewish people, which Olmert has stated he will surrender to the Muslim Arabs: In addition to Gaza (which as predicted has become a Global Terror Kassam Rocket launching base), Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and all those parts of Jerusalem which was occupied and desecrated by Jordan for 19 years from 1948 to 1967. Those territories of Israel’s ancestral heartland also include 2/3rds of Israel’s fresh water resources.

Olmert, to insure that there will no revolt of his Kadima Cabinet, has arranged what can only be called a "Cancellation Committee". Any negative vote taken by his own Kadima Cabinet cannot go into force until it passes a review of this new "Committee of Three" (all of whom happen to be close friends of Olmert). They have arrogated the right to themselves to investigate, consider, ponder what a ‘negative’ vote means. This consideration could go on for months and possibly never conclude their investigation - thereby insuring that the vote would be DOA (Dead On Arrival).
Something like the Winograd investigation of Olmert’s government handling of and losing the War in Lebanon against Hezb’Allah. Winograd, Olmert’s appointed friend and investigator, has essentially banned the investigation and its conclusions by refusing to release its findings. IF the scheme worked with Winograd without interference by the extremely Leftist Israeli Supreme Court, why not do it again with a three-man Commission who will kill any vote not favorable to the Bush-Rice-Baker Plan to divide and de-Judaize what was once the Jewish State?

Rice as the talking head for propaganda is saying things like: "The Implementation of these decisions will be difficult." Take that to mean that she and the lynch mob will push very hard for the agreements to divide Israel into smaller, digestible chunks - hoping everyone will believe that, if she says it’s difficult to implement, it will all take a long time or not happen at all. That’s called "Friendly Persuasion" but, otherwise it’s known as a street lie.

Then they proclaim that they will not be setting up any deadlines which you may read as definitely setting up deadlines. These deadlines which if NOT met will be followed by sanctions such as embargoes, cutting off aid, cutting off military assistance, cutting off contracts, spare parts, fuel supplies, pressuring American Jews with threats that an unhappy Bush Administration will raise the specter of anti-Semitism so they too must pressure Israel to cave in to all demands made during the November lynching.

Some will recall how George Herbert Walker Bush (Father Bush), in a telephone call to the Saudi King, promised that his son George would take care of the King. Well, the Bush lynch mob will more than prove that George will keep that promise in a November surprise.

There is growing concern in the White House that Congress may condemn the idea of dividing Jerusalem and further disassembly of Israel so that President Bush and Secretary C. Rice can leave their offices with a false positive historical legacy of having brought "Peace in our Time to the Muslim/Jewish Conflict".
There is further concern of a growing alarm among Christian Friends of Israel who will lobby Congress and show up ‘en masse’ in Washington at the lynching in November to protest.

It is always possible that the passive Jewish organizations like AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, the UJC (United Jewish Communities) and others will wake up and protest. Jewish leadership has always been an embarrassment when it came to challenging the Arabist State Department in order to defend Israel.
Regrettably, the Republican Party will be tarred with the same brush as Bush-Rice and Baker going into national elections.

I wonder what the candidates running for President, both Democrats and Republicans will say (or avoid saying) before the November lynching? Let’s ask them.
The more they assure us that the gathering of Israel’s enemies to discuss the future existence of the Jewish nation is nothing to be concerned about - the more concerned and active we must be.

Please send this to your Congressional representatives and then call his or her office. Also, please send this analysis to your local papers, talk show and Israel’s Christian friends. Let President Bush and Secretary Condoleezza Rice know how you feel about these plans to betray a friend and ally as their legacy.

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