Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hamas Fatah unite in rejecting US conference

CAIRO, (PIC)-- High-ranking Palestinian and Arab official sources have affirmed Monday that Palestinian and Arab forces and parties were exerting tremendous and incessant efforts to block the US-sponsered "peace conference" scheduled for this coming autumn. The sources that spoke to the Quds press agency on condition of anonymity also affirmed that Hamas Movement was one and essential partners in that Palestinian-Arab alliance to foil the conference.
The conference was called for by the USA and blessed by the Israeli occupation government; yet, Palestinian political analysts opined that the conference was purposely planned with the aim to marginalize the Palestinian issue and to gradually liquidate it.
"We are calling for such essential gathering in order to tell the entire world that Palestinian and Arab people are united in rejecting the autumn conference that aims at hitting the Palestinian issue in the heart", the sources added.
The sources also revealed that senior Fatah and Hamas political leaders were regularly meeting over the issue with the aim to deliver a clear and sound message to the entire world that the Palestinian people won't accept any compromises as far as the Palestinian legal rights and constants are concerned.
PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and a number of Arab leaders were reportedly preparing to attend the conference in spite of the overwhelming Palestinian and Arab popular rejection to that "dubious" gathering.

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