Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thought they had no money!

PA caretaker government to disburse $4m for Palestinian workers in Ramadan GAZA, (PIC)-- Prime minister of the legitimate PA caretaker government Ismail Haneyya has unveiled Friday his government's intention to release four million dollars for 40,000 Palestinian workers denied their salaries by PA chief Mahmoud Abbas.

Haneyya's good news came during the Friday Khutba (sermon) which he delivered in one of Gaza's mosques, where he also explained that the initiative was meant to alleviate suffering of the 40,000 PA employees who were denied their wages by the "unconstitutional" PA government in Ramallah city.

The USA, Israel, and the EU welcomed and recognized the "unconstitutional" PA government under Salam Fayyad, and immediately resumed monetary assistance to it, but maintained the wing-clipping economic sanctions against the legitimate PA government of Haneyya.

During his speech before thousands of Palestinian worshippers gathered to attend the Friday prayer in Al-Gharbi mosque in the Palestinian refugee camp of Al-Shati, north of Gaza city, Haneyya reiterated his call for national unity.
He also underlined that all Palestinian parties are obliged to put national interests above personal and factional interests in order to confront the ongoing Israeli conspiracies against the Palestinian people.

In this regard, Haneyya urged Arab countries, especially Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to press for reopening the Palestinian-Egyptian Rafah border terminal so as not to turn the populated Gaza Strip into "big jail".
Haneyya's government succeeded in securing salaries of 16,000 PA employees
(mostly in Gaza Strip) who were arbitrarily dismissed by Fayyad's government in Ramallah for not revolting against Hamas.

"We had tried our best in securing 12 million dollars to give salaries for the oppressed PA employees, and we are ready to seek all possible means in order to grant our Palestinian workers the dignified and honorable life they deserve", Haneyya emphasized, describing suspending salaries of thousands of PA employees for political ends as an "unpatriotic act".

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