Thursday, September 20, 2007

Any deal non-binding on us

From Arab media:

The Palestinian dismissed government, in Gaza, declared on Tuesday, that any Palestinian- Israeli agreement or declaration of principles is totally rejected. The spokesman of dismissed government Taher Al-Nono, said in press statement following the weekly cabinet session in Gaza, that they won't recognize any deals done apart of "the government in Gaza."

Mentioning to President Abbas, Al-Nono asserted that and "who negotiates" the Israeli now does not represent the Palestinian people.

"All border crossings should not be targeted by Palestinian resistance, in order to guarantee entering crucial goods into Gaza Strip",
Al-Nono said.

Al-Nono condemned "the violations and unfair measures against members of Hamas in the West Bank by Palestinian security services."

Concerning the attempt of bombarding the building of Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza, Al-Nono said that "they won't allow such incident and will take all legal measure with criminals."

He renewed invitation for "non-conditioned" national dialogue to end the separation between Gaza and West Bank.

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