Thursday, September 20, 2007

Siyam warns Fatah against targeting Hamas leaders

GAZA, PIC-- Former PA interior minister and Hamas senior official MP Sa'aeed Siyam has warned Wednesday Fatah's leadership against harming any Hamas political leaders in Gaza Strip and the West Bank. He unmasked authenticated reports that Fatah leadership was planning to target Hamas political leaders in a bid to destabilize security condition in Gaza Strip.
"A number of those [Fatah] leaders are in Gaza strip and the others are in the West Bank; yet, we want to make it clear for them in both regions that the hand of Hamas will reach them in the event they think of committing any foolish acts of this kind", Siyam underlined in statement he made Wednesday.
However, the veteran Hamas political leader confirmed his Movement's keenness on holding unconditional inter-Palestinian national dialogue and on preserving unity of the Palestinian land.
But he ruled out possible Hamas-Fatah talks before the start of the US-planned "peace conference" this coming autumn, affirming that Hamas Movement had withdrawn the authority it gave to PA chief Mahmoud Abbas to handle political negotiations with the Israeli occupation government.
"Hamas will not anymore be bound by any agreement Abbas might sign with the Israelis while the Palestinian arena is drowning in political division", Siyam underscored.
He also unveiled that the legitimate PA caretaker government established the "nucleus" of the new PA national security apparatus comprising 400 elements who formerly worked for the same apparatus under the former unruly set up of the apparatus under Fatah leadership.
According to Siyam, the national security apparatus will be under the leadership of former PA security officer Hussien Abu A'athra, and that the apparatus will be in-charge of the borders and crossings.
Yet, he explained that Hamas wasn’t keen on controlling those apparatuses, and that the Movement's main objective was to reestablish PA security apparatuses properly based on national and professional basis and away from factional, personal, and external influence.
Furthermore, the Hamas political leader reaffirmed his Movement's adherence to the Cairo declaration, national harmony document, and the Makka agreement that were signed between Fatah and Hamas.
For his part, Islam Shahwan, the spokesman of the PA interior ministry's executive force that Siyam founded during his term as an interior minister, affirmed that security condition in Gaza was "calm and under control".
He also vehemently denied reports suggesting that a "big" explosion had rocked the executive force headquarters in Gaza city, explaining that the incident was caused by an electric short-circuit.
"No one was harmed in the incident as PA civil defense men rushed to the place and put off the fire", Shahwan elaborated.
Seconding Siyam's remarks, Shahwan unveiled that his department possesses first-hand information on a group of Fatah leaders planning to sabotage the calm in the Gaza Strip, but he didn’t give details on that group, saying that investigation and data gathering were underway.

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