Tuesday, September 18, 2007

MKs to tour Homesh site, again

MKs Arye Eldad, Uri Ariel (NU/NRP) and Yuli-Yoel Edelstein (Likud) set out to visit the site of the former West Bank settlement of Homesh on Monday morning. The IDF permitted the MKs to conduct the tour, despite its announcement on Sunday that the tour would be forbidden for security reasons.
The MKs are expected to listen to briefings on security, land ownership and the legal status of Homesh. They will also speak to protestors who have visited the site over the past two months.
Over 20 right wing activists went to Homesh site during Rosh Hashana, despite threats issued by terror groups of planned attacks against such visitors.
Homesh has become a rallying point for those who wish to turn back the clock on Israel's 2005 disengagement from the Gaza Strip and four communities in northern Samaria.
Starting in December 2006, activists held a series of marches to the hilltop site. On Hanukka and Pessah, marches to Homesh were held without police or IDF permission.
In May and in June, thousands of demonstrators attended marches which called for the reestablishment of Homesh, and which promised that the event would pave the way for the other three evacuated Samarian settlements to be rebuilt as well.

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