Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jailed Hamas MPs to Abbas's militias: Don’t harass our families

NABLUS, (PIC)-- A number of Hamas legislators, who were kidnapped by the IOF troops more than 18 months ago and are kept in prison till now, have warned Monday the IOF troops and PA security apparatuses apparatuses in the West Bank not to harass their families.
The MPs warning came in a letter they secretly leaked from their detention cell in the Israeli Magiddo prison inside the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands in the wake of the IOF arrest of sons of kidnapped MPs Hamid Al-Bietawi and Nezzar Ramadhan in Al-Khalil city, and the arrest of son of MP Husni Al-Borini at the hands of the PA armed militias in Nablus city.
"This (the harassment of the MPs families) is a big insult to the Palestinian people democratic will that elected us, and constitutes a treacherous stab in the back of the Palestinian captives that the PA supposed to attend to instead of arresting their family members", affirmed the Hamas deputies in their letter.
They also affirmed that the arrest of their family members was meant to "pressure them and to break their determination in an obvious attempt to blackmail them into making political concessions".
However, they emphasized that such attempts will not succeed in extorting them into foreswearing the Palestinian people's national constants and aspirations.
In a related matter, six Palestinian citizens, including five teachers were kidnapped at the hands of the PA security elements in Nablus city Monday for being "Hamas's supporters".
According to local eyewitnesses, the PA security forces desecrated a local mosque and broke into it wearing their military boots.
The PA security element's campaign against Hamas cadres and local mosque had noticeably increased during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, local sources underlined.
The sources also explained that four of abducted teachers were seized by the PA security elements in a humiliating manner as the PA militias blocked their car along the road connecting Talloza town (where they teach) and the West Bank town of Aseera Al-Shamaleyya.
The four were ordered out of their car before the PA armed militias ganged on and beat them with their rifles' butts, the sources affirmed, adding that the four were, later on, led by the armed militias to an unidentified location.
A local mosque in Nablus city was also defiled by Abbas's security forces that ransacked and searched it thoroughly in a very savage manner that, according to local residents, superseded that of the Israelis.
But, the close cooperation between Abbas's armed militias in the West Bank and the IOF troops in targeting Hamas in the West Bank isn’t secret anymore as high-ranking IOF officer confirmed that the IOF troops and PA security apparatuses under Abbas's command were closely coordinating the campaign against Hamas cadres and Hamas-affiliated societies in the West Bank.
According to the IOF officer, "Israel will not allow Hamas to achieve its strategic objective of controlling the West Bank as it did in the Gaza Strip".
The officer was furthermore quoted as affirming that the Israeli occupation government was fighting Hamas in the West Bank in a bid to drain sources of finance of the Movement that are represented by tens of charities spread through out the West Bank.
He also added that he was of full conviction that the PA security apparatuses were sharing the same objective with Israel, in addition to its objective of blocking Hamas from forming a Gaza-like executive force.
"More than 1,000 aggressions at the hands of the PA security forces in the West Bank against Hamas's cadres, political leaders, and foundations among other Hamas's institutions had been recorded so far", revealed a documented report issued by Hamas.
The Movement also confirmed that more than 400 of its supporters in the West Bank, mostly students, mayors, and professionals among others were rounded up by Abbas's forces over the past three months, in addition to canceling the work permits of 103 Palestinian charities catering for thousands of poor Palestinian families and orphans.

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