Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rayyan: Palestinian fighters will turn Gaza into graveyard for invaders

GAZA, (PIC)-- Dr. Nezar Rayyan, the prominent political leader of Hamas Movement in Gaza Strip has affirmed Saturday that the Palestinian resistance was prepared to block any possible IOF troops' invasion of the Strip. "The IOF threats won't frighten or demoralize us as we are indeed prepared and determined to defend our land, and we will inflict heavy casualties in the enemy's lines in case they indeed carried out their threats and invaded the Strip", Rayyan underlined.
The Hamas figure was speaking before Palestinian resistance fighters in northern Gaza Strip as he attended military exercises of the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas Movement, as part of the Palestinian resistance preparations to repel any Israeli military adventure into the Strip.
"If the IOF troops decided to start the invasion through the northern part of Gaza Strip, we will definitely be there and we will turn the area into graveyard for the Israeli soldiers", said Rayyan.
He also unveiled that the QB will use weapons it had seized from the defunct PA security apparatuses, which was supplied by the Israeli occupation government to those apparatuses with the aim to finish off the Hamas Movement.
"The weapons we will use in blocking the IOF troops aren’t the weapons we used to display before media apparatuses and cameramen as the enemy knows what kind of weapons we possess", Rayyan furthermore confirmed.
Although the QB was leading the Palestinian resistance, Rayyan underscored that all armed wings of the Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza Strip were collectively coordinating their plans and made up their minds to "teach the enemy a lesson they will not forget". "We shall bring more of [captured IOF serviceman Gilad] Shalit's friends into Gaza Strip" he added in allusion to capturing more IOF soldiers.
"Despite [possible] IOF bombardment of our houses and infrastructure, we will remain steadfast in resisting the enemy and we are ready for martyrdom anytime", the Hamas's senior official furthermore asserted.
Abu Obaida, the spokesman of the QB, explained that the Palestinian resistance military maneuvers in Gaza were meant to send a clear and sound message to the "Zionist enemy" that any military adventure into the Gaza Strip will take heavy toll on the IOF troops.
The QB was finalizing the Gaza defense plan, said abu Obaida, adding that unprecedented surprises were awaiting the IOF troops in the event they indeed attack Gaza.
In a statement it issued Saturday and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC, the QB asserted that its fighters succeeded in thwarting an infiltration attempt by special IOF units at dawn Saturday.
One of the sneaking IOF troopers was directly hit with Palestinian resistance bullets, forcing the infiltrators to terminate their plan and pull out under air cover provided by Israeli apache copters, the statement furthermore added.

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