Friday, October 11, 2013

Thoughtful words for American Jews

Dear friends,
Many years ago, even before my aliyah in 2003, I was a writer for 'The Messenger' (not the Bnai Brith Messenger), a privately financed newspaper in LA.  One of the contributors was Dr. Matania Ginosar who has been living in northern CA for many years.  After reading one of his excellent articles I wrote to him, he responded, and we have corresponded since then - never having met in person. 
Matamia wrote a book about his experiences and also a disk; I have both and they are fascinating.  Following is a note that I received from him today - short and to the point.  Wish that some of our American Jewish leaders would read this and get the message. 

Sent: 10/10/2013

I was born and raised in Israel. I fought in the Lechi underground against the British occupation starting at age 15 and served for 4 years until Israel independence. I was a political prisoner twice, escaped once. I was a founding member of a border kibbutz, near Gaza, where Palestinians murdered 3 of my friends in few short months. I taught new immigrants in Maabarot, and served in the Israeli Air Force.

Despite this deep Israeli background, I do not believe I have the right to tell Israelis how to conduct their lives and what political path to take. Why, because I live now in the US and not in Israel. The Israelis live there and this is their country and their decision. They are taking the security risks, we just read about them.

During my visits to Israel to my widespread family, with many diverse political and security views, I never suggested to any of them how to conduct their lives or what political or security path to take.

I am amazed at the audacity of some American Jews that attempts to put pressure on Israel to conform to their own views how Israel should behave.

What a chutzpah!


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