Friday, October 11, 2013

Hamas top dog Khaled Meshal visits Erdogan in Ankara, calls for end of talks and renewal of armed jihad against Israel

Rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey continues to embrace the jihad against Israel. "Hamas leader calls for end to talks with Israel, urges armed struggle," by Jack Khoury for Haaretz, October 9 (thanks to Maxwell):
The head of the political wing of Hamas, Khaled Meshal, implicitly called on the Palestinian Authority Wednesday to cease peace negotiations with Israel immediately, claiming that continuing the talks would endanger the status of Jerusalem. Meshal, who is living in Qatar with other Hamas leaders, was in Ankara...

Now do you really believe we will have peace-no chance!!  Yet the American leadership continues to use this so-called "peace" talk to divert full attention from the much more dangerous happenings in syria, Iran and inside Turkey-do you know what is going on?  Thought not, as the media is in the pocket of Obama et al.  We, in Israel, understand what is going on and we shall not yield one centimeter of Israeli land!

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