Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lebanese Threaten Mass March on Israeli Border

Hillel Fendel
A7 News

The anti-Israel flotilla has turned the tide of world opinion against Israel, Fatah leaders in Lebanon say, and the time is ripe for a mass civilian charge against Israel’s border. Mounir Al-Makdah, a leading Fatah leader in Lebanon, says plans are being made for a mass charge against Israel’s northern border. “What can Israel do,” he asks, “kill the entire Palestinian nation [sic]?”

“And even if they kill all those who take part in the march, the number of remaining Palestinians will still be more than all the Jews in the world.”

Al-Makdah told the Lebanese newspaper Al-Sapir that the plans for the march are being made via letters to thousands of “Palestinians” living around the world inviting them to take part. “It could be that they will just break through the border, with their children and their elderly. What will Israel be able to do?”

“A wind of change has begun to blow,” he said, “and Israel has begun to be a yoke not only for the Palestinian nation, but for the whole world.”

“The freedom flotilla brings a message of the beginning of the end of Israel,” Al-Makdah said.

He made similar remarks to a French news agency earlier this week, saying that such marches should take place from all areas that border on Israel – Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, and Judea/Samaria. He said he hopes the Lebanese government, of which Hizbullah is a part, will soon grant a permit for the mass march.

Comment: The next media event-tomorrow, Friday. Note several items: the organizers are willing to use elderly, women and children in the front end charge as human shields. Fatah is leading this and anyone who dares tell me this is a moderate group I'll know you are blind, ignorant, stupid or agenda driven. All of this is driven from Iran-the international community has taken its collective eyes off the emerging nuclear bomb development-no reporter brave enough to merge the two stories. Finally, this is one testing the Israeli IDF, to see how we will respond-it is part of the greater attack coming soon.Israel will shoot first, this is THE point of all of this-never mind it is self-preservation! Tell me, if your neighbor had been provoking you for years, lobbing bombs into your yard, placing devices on your fence-line and threatening you every day-you would be concerned? How about if this same neighbor got hundreds of his "friends" to gather and then storm your property-what would you do? Folks we can't call the police, what would you do?

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