Wednesday, June 09, 2010

All Aboard: Muslim Clerics Organize Flotilla to Gaza

Hillel Fendel
A7 News

The idea of flotillas to Gaza is catching on. Following the notorious terrorist activists’ flotilla of last week, and then one for Gilad Shalit, and another that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan wants to join, now comes the idea for a “Muslim religious leaders” flotilla to Gaza. Kuwait’s Al-Watan newspaper reports that wanted terrorist Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi is behind the efforts to organize what is being called the “Freedom Flotilla.” Qaradawi heads the Union of Muslim Religious Sages, and he has invited its members to take part in the anti-Israel initiative, scheduled for next month.

Qaradawi himself, however, will not take part – for fear that Israel will arrest him. Wanted by Israel for years, he has issued religious decrees encouraging suicide attacks against Israeli and American civilians. He is banned from entering the United States and Great Britain.

Al-Qaradwi also heads the Union of Good, an umbrella organization of more than 50 Islamic funds and foundations around the globe that channels money into Hamas institutions in the PA-controlled territories. In January 2008, Israel outlawed 36 associations belonging to the Union of Good - including Turkey’s IHH, which organized the recent terror-activist flotilla to Gaza.

Regarding Erdogan’s declaration of intent to take part in a flotilla to Gaza, former IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan says that such an act should be considered an act of war. “If he boards a ship on its way to Gaza,” Dayan said, “Israel must treat his ship the same way it treated the Marmari.”

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