Saturday, September 08, 2007

Yes, Your Input does Matter-Intel Pulls Support For CNN

I, along with so many others, contacted Intel and held their economic feet to the fire-here is what happened!

First my message to Intel, followed by their reply:

nature: Consumer,Question
feedback: How can you justify supporting God's Warriors series? Israel serves you well, over 5,000 of your best employees, home to many Intel discoveries and you turn on a dime to support this program? Did you even watch it? First, the moral equivalency among the three groups astounds me. second, it is biased, slanted and incorrect. Tell me, when was the last time you heard about a Jewish homicide bomber blowing himself up among Palestinian or Arab civilian populations? Have you ever seen an Israeli children's show telling youngsters that all Arabs are apes, pigs evil and they deserve to die? In what Israeli textbooks do you read about the destruction of Arab counties or disputed territories? I shall await your reply before I decide upon action. gs don morris, P.h.d

Dear Dr. Morris,
Thank you for your email. Intel in no way meant to offend or imply support for any of this content. In fact, Intel did not formally sponsor this series and was included as an advertiser without our knowledge. We have raised our concerns directly to CNN and requested withdrawal from any related sponsorship or advertising mention.
Suzanne Fallender
Intel Corporation

Comment: Subsequent to this Intel hascontacted CNN and asked for an apology, stated they never gave such permission for their name to be used in such a horrible series and then were given other free time on another CNN program. This cost CNN a great deal of money!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

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