Monday, September 03, 2007

Letter to Mr. Bush

Dear President Bush,

Today, the first day of school in Israel, Kassam rockets rained down on children of Sderot who ran for shelter. During the past month 300 such missiles were fired at that community. As an American I know that you would not tolerate such actions against any of our cities. Why then is there such silence when it is our friend, Israel, that is the target?

One has to wonder, Mr. President, where the peace is that was promised Israel for making 'painful concessions'. It is non-existent!! You demanded that Abbas disarm his terrorists and when they did not you still pressured Israel to support his criminal regime. It does not make a difference that you and Sec'y Rice call Abbas a 'moderate'; you are giving new distorted meaning to that word.

Now you are demanding the dismantlement of what you call 'settlements'; they are residences to citizens of Israel just as Silver Springs, MD is a community. Would you demand the same of any American cities? There are many illegal homes of Arabs in Israel; you do not demand the abandonment of those.

The double standard brings comfort to the Arabs who feel entitled to terrorize innocent Israelis. History has recorded that when mistreatment of Jews is tolerated the disease of inhumanity spreads. The U.S. will one day become victims of that same intolerance.

History will also record the errors of your administration in appeasing terrorism.


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