Sunday, September 02, 2007

Israel threatens to bomb Hamas, Jihad offices abroad

Arab and European countries have conveyed "serious" Israeli threats to Arab countries hosting offices of Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements that those offices would be bombed in the event either of those two movements launched a major bombing operation against an Israeli target.

Comment: Wait, read the entire Arab news prepared item-the headline does not truthfully present the story-typical smoke and mirrors move. Lebanese newspaper 'Al-Akhbar' quoted a senior Palestinian security official, who preferred to remain anonymous, as saying that the targeted offices would be those in Lebanon and Syria.
The Israeli threat said that warplanes would bomb those offices immediately after any human bombing operation, the source added.
He predicted that any "strong" human bombing operation would entail air raids on the offices of the organization that adopts that operation.
An Islamic Jihad official, commenting on the Israeli threat, said that his movement has no offices in Syria or any other Arab country, affirming that his movement's offices are inside Palestine.
The Jihad official said that IOA is trying to cover up for its defeat in Lebanon through raids against the Palestinian resistance within and outside Palestine, and called for a serious Arab and Islamic stand in support of the Palestinians who are daily targeted at the hands of Israeli occupation.

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