Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Paper Justifies its actions because "Right Wingers"...

To the Editor of Ha'aretz,

This morning I called your office to cancel my subscription to the newspaper. I feel strongly that you must be informed as to the reason for my action.
Although I most often disagreed with the viewpoints of many of your writers I felt it important to read articles by those with whom I differ in opinion. However, I will not accept lies that masquerade as truth, regardless of the source.

I refer specifically to the words of the 'senior' Ha'aretz journalist , Danny Rubinstein and his condemnation of Israel as an 'apartheid state'. While it is deeply troubling that Israel's enemies use that word to demonize our country, Rubinstein's statements were uttered in the U.K. at a conference of the U.N., a body that needs no encouragement to falsely condemn Israel at every opportunity. Those of us who live in Israel - with her imperfections- know that 'apartheid' is not a word that should be applied to her.

One has to wonder why Rubinstein has not referred to the truly apartheid condition of the many Muslim/Arab countries that brand members of other faiths 'infidels' and restrict their full citizenship? How about the Palestinian state that our government is so anxious to create which certainly fits the 'apartheid' description? Instead, the journalist falsely and publicly condemns Israel!

Disturbing as well was the comment made to me during this morning's telephone conversation that 'Danny is really 'right wing'. Frankly,there is no need for interpretations of Rubinstein's words; they speak for themselves. I am also not interested in 'left' or 'right' wings; I am concerned with Israel's security and survival; that is the issue that should concern us all rather than political affiliations.

Hopefully, as we approach the New Year, Ha'aretz will resort to a little bit of introspection and set a higher standard for its journalists; even opinions should be based on truth. Anything less than that diminishes the credibility of your paper.


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