Monday, July 28, 2014

Is THIS How Obama is Planning to Betray Israel?

JANET LEVY July 28, 2014
Will Obama abandon Israel by not providing American military resupply?  Is he attempting to weaken Israel so that its ability to wage an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities is crippled permanently?  What are his true intentions vis a vis Israel?

This week, when Israel was forced to initiate a land operation into Gaza, Obama ordered the FAA to shut-down both passenger flights and supply planes to Israel. As Ben Gurion is one of the most secure airports in the world and U.S. flights regularly fly to Afghanistan, this appeared to be an attempt at economic sabotage.  This was the way Obama's ban was viewed by the left-leaning former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, as well as conservative Senator and Harvard-trained lawyer, Ted Cruz, who both worked to put an end to the stoppage.
Yet, at the same time, Obama authorized a $47 million infusion to the Hamas government of Gaza - a terrorist group firing missiles and rockets at Israeli civilians! What about the re-supply of military goods that Israel will require in a few days?  Will it be forthcoming?
Another distinct possibility: Iran, who has trained and supplied Hamas, could open a second front in the war by ordering Hezbollah to attack Israel from the north, thus putting the Jewish state in a two front war with depleted military supplies.
Janet Levy, Los Angeles

US Weapons Resupply - Also to be Grounded? By Mark Langfan
July 25, 2014
In the coming days, Israel will likely need a massive re-supply of military goods of all kinds. It is then when Obama's real intentions will be exposed for Israel to see. 
President Obama is the master of Double-Speak, saying one thing and meaning the exact opposite. Remember how Obama promised, "You can keep your doctor if you like him,"  and how it turns out that you can't keep him because Obamacare won't pay him?
Given Obama's track record of betrayal of Israel, his hollow recital of "Israel has the right to defend herself," might actually have a doublespeak meaning as well - that "Israel has the right to defend herself", but without any American military resupply.
Israel could now be on collision course with the most anti-Israel president America has ever seen.
On October 6, 1973, Yom Kippur, Israel was shocked by the massive and effective surprise attacks by Egyptian and Syrian armies after America forced it to refrain from attacking the Egyptian army massing on its borders.  On October 8th, Israel was losing the war.  On October 8-9th, Israel went on to nuclear alert.  Kissinger learned of the Israel nuclear alert on the morning of October 9. That day, President Nixon ordered the commencement of Operation Nickel Grass, a massive American military airlift to replace all of Israel's military material losses.  In a couple of weeks, Nixon's military air-bridge shipped 22,325 tons of military supplies to Israel and saved Israel from what might have been her destruction.
In Mid-June 2014, Hamas kidnapped and murdered three Israel teens.  Israel launched an operation to sweep up the Hamas operatives in Judea and Samaria and exact punishment for Hamas' crimes.  On July 6, after Israel defeated Hamas in their quiet battle to take over Judea and Samaria, Hamas began to launch barrages of various range missiles into Israel from Gaza and employ its tunnels to murder and attempt to kidnap Israelis inside of Israel.
Hamas declared, "All Israelis" had become "legitimate targets."  Hamas refused any reasonable ceasefire, and Israel was forced to attack Gaza proper in a land operation.  Instead of President Obama declaring the immediate creation of a military re-supply of America's ally Israel, Obama ordered his FAA to shut-down Israel's entire economy by grounding all flights to Ben Gurion Airport.  The FAA banned not only passenger planes, but supply planes as well.
To compound Obama's betrayal of Israel, Obama declared a donation of $47 million aid to the very Hamas-controlled Gaza from which Hamas was firing rockets.  Obama has turned the United States into an ally of Hamas, the supreme terrorist group, and into what would appear to be a de facto enemy of Israel.  In the coming days, Israel will likely need a massive re-supply of military goods of all kinds.  It is then when Obama's real intentions will be exposed for Israel to see.

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