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From Arafat and Abbas to Hamas: Lying and Crying for Terror

Michael Widlanski On July 30, 2014 
Dear President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon:
Save yourselves lots of time, anguish and jet fuel, by learning a short saying in Arabic that sums up the current crisis in Gaza.
“Darabni wa-baka, sabaqni wa-ishtaka.”
It is a rhyme in Arabic that means:
“He hit me and quickly cried: ‘He attacked me,’ he lied.”
It aptly describes the way Palestinian thugs and leaders—from the PLO’s Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas to the maniacs of Hamas—attack or try to cheat someone and then rush to complain about being beaten up or victimized.
It is a form of misconduct perfected by Yasser Arafat. It is why other Arabs distrust the Palestinians and see them as hypocritical and ungrateful cry-babies.
ARAFAT’S MOTTO: Hit hard, complain harder:
This pattern began in 1967 when PLO chief Arafat slipped into Jordan, disguised in women’s clothing, asking refuge from King Hussein. Within two years, Arafat and his terrorist colleagues had taken over the country, directing traffic in Amman and blowing up hijacked planes in Jordan’s airports.

At the last minute, King Hussein rallied his army and saved his country. Arafat and his thugs cried and wailed how the King massacred Palestinians in the “Black September” of 1970. Then, they ran to Lebanon where they took over another country, brutalizing all who stood in their way:  Christians, Druze, Shiite and Sunni moderates.
Until Arafat and the PLO came to Lebanon, it was called “The Switzerland of the Middle East”—an imperfect democracy that usually worked.
Arafat fixed that.
The PLO destroyed Lebanon’s delicate balance and frail democracy, sparking a Muslim-Christian civil war.
For 12 years, Arafat and his colleagues ceaselessly attacked Israel from the refuge of Lebanon, using rockets, mortars and cross-border terror raids, killing hundreds, storing their arms in UN schools or neighborhood houses.
Does that sound familiar?
In June 1982, after the PLO broke ceasefires brokered by US officials (including a Palestinian attack on an Israeli ambassador), Israel evicted Arafat from Lebanon.
Arafat cried and lied about “Israel’s inhumanity.” Western media echoed his words. The Lebanese Red Cross (Crescent) run by Yasser Arafat’s brother, Fathi, said Israel had massacred thousands, and had made 600,000 homeless in southern Lebanon (a number larger than the entire population of that region).
Forced out of Jordan and then Lebanon, the PLO went to Tunisia, sometimes pretending that it had changed its wicked ways. Naïve “peace activists” in the US and Israel coached Arafat to say the word “peace” in English and French. It worked.
Arafat managed to fool Israel, and, in 1993, it signed “The Oslo Accords,” which Arafat immediately violated, smuggling arms into Gaza and the West Bank.
Within months, Arafat’s Fatah group and Hamas were both competing who could hurt Israel more with shootings and suicide attacks.
In 1996 Arafat launched his own “Tunnel War” against Israel, claiming an Israeli archeological dig in Jerusalem was a conspiracy to collapse the Al-Aqsa Mosque. About 20 Israelis and 50 Palestinians died in Arafat’s Tunnel War.
In 2000, Ehud Barak offered Arafat almost all the West Bank and all of Gaza. Arafat refused, launching another war he called The Al-Aqsa Intifada. He claimed the Arabs were attacked by Ariel Sharon who allegedly “desecrated” the Al-Aqsa Mosque with his shoes. Again Arafat lied, and again hundreds died.
In 2005, Israel removed its army and all 10,000 of its own citizens from Gaza—hoping the move would be seen as another peace gesture. One hundred per cent of Gaza was put in the hands of Mahmoud Abbas, Arafat’s successor as PLO chief. But Gazans saw Abbas as weak, and the power of the rival Hamas movement grew.
Abbas tried to hold Gaza by promising Hamas (Fatah Day Speech—January 1, 2005)   that they could all join their rifles together in attacking al-Ikhitilal al-Isra’ili–“The Israeli Occupation”—a code-word for Israel itself.
US Secretary of State Condi Rice ignored Israeli pleas that Hamas—which swore Israel’s destruction—not be allowed to run in the 2006 Palestinian elections. Rice now admits her mistake, but it is too late.
Hamas fastened an iron grip on Gaza. Its thugs literally threw Abbas supporters out of the windows of government buildings in Gaza. Hamas began building and smuggling rockets, as well as digging tunnels into Israel for a future war. Hamas forced children, whose bodies are small and flexible, to dig at the point of gun.
More than 160 children died digging for Hamas, according to a Palestinian journal. CNN and The New York Times did not report it. UN Human Rights Commission did NOT object. Mahmoud Abbas did NOT file complaints to the International Court of Justice, where he loves to lodge complaints against “Israeli inhumanity.”
Abbas and Turkish Islamist dictator Recep Erdogan complained that Israel—which supplied cheap or free electricity and water to Gaza—was trying to “starve” Gaza, by trying to supervise a quarantine of illicit items for the Hamas war machine.
But you do not need to remember all of this history.
Just remember the Arabic saying: “Darabni wa-baka, sabaqni wa-ishtaka” and it means: “He hit me and cried: ‘He attacked me,’ he lied.”
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