Saturday, February 01, 2014

Interfaith outreach in Syria: Islamic jihad groups attack monastery, try to destroy “idolatrous” statue of Jesus

This is yet more evidence of why the Christians in Syria do not support the so-called “rebels,” and do not want to live in a state governed by them.
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Video from Eretz Zen, January 29 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur):
Militants from Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) in collaboration with the Ghuraba’ (Foreigners) Brigade have attacked the Cherubim monastery in Saidnaya, located on the highest hilltop in the Qalamoun mountain range. The militants have unsuccessfully been trying to sneak into and attack the monastery for the last couple of months. This time, they were able to start destroying the monastery, while aiming to bring down what they perceive as the “idolatrous” statue of Jesus.

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  1. Mo-Blows
    And once again the mainstream media and the world yawns!
    But just let one incident of real or fabricated violence against Muslims happen and the world cries foul and the UN convened a human rights tribunal.
    The only people in the entire muslim world who are being systematically persecuted are non muslims and muslims ,persecuted by other MUSLIMS. Either way it’s muslims who commit the overwhelming majority of the religious violence in the world and it is muslims who bring 99.9% of all their hardships, ON THEMSELVES.
  2. Andy
    I wondered what the life expectancy of that statue was when the western media clapped in unison at the people who out it up.
    No one will make note of it when the filthy Muslims bring it down and likely kill the monks and other non-Muslims nearby.
  3. Jay Boo
    The Dome on the Rock is nothing but a sham RELIGEOUS IDOL to Islam.
    It is extremely offensive to every decent human being on the planet.
    It needs to be destroyed.
    Muslims who pretend that Muhammad ascended to heaven from Jerusalem are like shameless uninvited guests parasitically stealing all they can while no one is looking.
    After Muhammad butchered and enslaved the Jews of Medina, one of the first things he did was to turn his back on Jerusalem and pray toward Mecca (with the murdered Jews he no longer needed to pretend respect for their customs) ; (talk about shameless self-serving INFIDELITY to God).
    Islam is such an outrageous crock of SH__.
    • southeuropean
      It is easy to destroy shrines or nuke the Muslims.
      My suggestion is just to ban the Kuran. Afterwards Islam will take the shape by the choice of every western government.
  4. Jay Boo
    Most Muslims are peaceful; they don’t commit this violence they merely enable it.
    Narcissistic mainstream Muslim leaders say it is too bad about those jihad extremists them squawk “let’s move on to discuss Islamophobia” while pre-occupied with their …
    ‘your loss is our gain / not our problem syndrome.’
    • mortimer
      Most Britons, Americans, etc. are not in the army, either, but do they support the troops? Yes, they do!
      Do most Muslims support jihad? Yes, they do! Halal meat supports jihad too.
  5. Italy: Muslims try to blow up 14-century fresco because it depicts Muhammad being dragged into hell by a demon!!!

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