Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hezbollah Chief Financial Officer Defects to Israel

Daniel Greenfield 

Hussein Fahs, Hezbollah’s CFO and head of the organization’s communications network, has apparently fled to Israel along with 5 million dollars in Iranian money.
According to official Hezbollah sources, Fahs took with him maps, classified documents and a large sum of money. According to the report, seven women and one man are charged in absentia with collaborating with Israel, entering Israel illegally and obtaining Israeli citizenship.
Why would Fahs flee to Israel?

One possibility is that the story was made up to discredit him within Hezbollah. But the second possibility is that there are few other options. As a Shiite, there are few places that Fahs can go that are outside the Shiite or Sunni axis. Israel is religiously neutral in the Muslim religious civil war and it has a definite interest in gaining intelligence on Hezbollah.

Fahs’ defection suggests panic in the upper ranks of the Shiite group, which has committed manpower to Syria, but fears a Muslim Brotherhood takeover there. With Iran under pressure and Syria at war, Hezbollah rightly fears being isolated. Some of the upper rank rats are now trying to figure out how to scurry off the Shiite Islamist ship.

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