Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Kill Zionism They Chant

SHmuel HaLevi

At the core of the unJewish [Jews In Name Only-JINO] Galut [Diaspora] "communities" stands the basic fact that they realized that ZIONISM has been and is realized in Eretz Israel.

Jews in the Galut, who, after so many years opted to remain in living outside Israel's borders, desperately search for fantasies that would fit, so to speak, their failure to settle at home, in Eretz Israel.

Living and thriving in Israel is the true physical realization of Zionism. Being, built and believed in Eretz Israel. Nonexistent "partners" of Israel, distributing self justifying rubbish at the NYTimes, pseudo social TIKUN OLAM, in lieu of Torah, are hardly a substitute for reality.

Having failed, yes, failed, again and again, to define themselves within the value system, beliefs and Jewish Heritage framework, they finally understood that long distance, hotel lobby, social event or cheque book Zionism was not self maintaining.

Very much as in all interpersonal relations, out of sight, out of mind.

Following the realization of their failure they feverishly embarked on fabrications scaffoldings to deny Zionism, and/or destroying the Zionist enterprise, including Jews who live that reality around them and in Eretz Israel.

That is, my friend all there is to it.

So we do not get confused, IN Eretz Israel, also there are renegade and post Jewish infested cadres, who, in many cases hold on to power they usurp under false pretenses.

The Galut Jews, particularly former Jews or unJews in the US, do not want the Jewish State to survive. A living ZIONIST reality is deadly for them.

It is also deadly to the unJews in Eretz Israel and that is why they, by all means, conspire to destroy or abandon everything Jewish in their own land.

Bottom line.

Psychobabble is just a soft filling material to make their fall less painful.

I will not, nor should anyone with Jewish heart, let them get away with it. Either they cease to plot to destroy Zionism, Eretz Israel and Jews, here in Israel or, we will make sure that their fate follows what they plan for us.

Written from Eretz Israel

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