Thursday, June 03, 2010

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My response to the WashPost - Ingnatius article re the Gaza flotilla.

Perhaps not only Israel should learn from the Gaza flotilla raid. While the article cites some points in her defense other relevant facts were censored.

1.Participants on the ships were hardly 'peaceniks' ;al Jazeera documented the pre-sailing incitement to killing Jews and calling for martyrdom. Those seeking peace do not equip themselves with guns, clubs, metal bars, and more. 2. Contrary to the claim that Israel has intimidated its adversaries, it has made dangerous concessions under pressure from 'friends' in order to promote the phony 'peace process' in which the PA has done nothing. 3. The U.N. has been hijacked by supporters of terrorism - not only against Jews but anyone other than Muslims. It is a corrupt organization that allows purveyors of terrorism the freedom to vote against its victims.
4. Israel is the bulwark of democracy that is fighting the same war in which the rest of
Western civilization are engaged. That lesson is what should be learned by those condemning Israel today; the US needs a strong Israel lest the whole region fall to such 'peaceniks' who will in the future take off their masks and reveal their true intentions - the creation of a worldwide caliphate with sharia as rule.

The US would not allow a Gaza like flotilla within her international boundaries and neither should Israel.

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Unknown said...

I think you have no rights speaking about what's wrong and what's right on Palestin issues. You should learn history first and know the truth of the nature of jewish. For a country like Palestin which has been abuse & suffer terribly for decades by Israel Zionis, there's nothing in Palestinian's mind but has to stop it in whatever ways including suicide bombing. You have no idea how suffer they are, therefore the US and Israel have no rights to say what they should do & shouldn't. Perhaps, you're another zionis who likes to hide the truth & kill other people who are not agree with you. You should read the real Torah, Bible & in fact understand the Al-Quran, to know the Jewish history. I think Adolf Hitler saw how bad are the Zionis. Think about it!