Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So Who is in Charge Here?‏

A Judicial Investigative committee had been appointed to investigate all aspects of the rehabilitation and resettling of people of Gush Katif . This committee recognized many injustices and has encouraged the Prime Minister’s office to correct them.

This week a perversion of the law was to be corrected towards those young people who grew up in Gush Katif, were over eighteen when expelled, and want to continue living with their rebuilt community in the new location. For our Netzer Hazani community this decision would have been corrective laser surgery for these visual perversions Instead of finally allowing the new towns to move forward, a decision
not to decide was finally made, suddenly halting all building progress. I understand that the legal advisor to the interior ministry put a veto on the decision as she managed to uncover some legal detail that tripped up the approval. This enabled the law to be upheld, yet justice was not done .
This legal advisor did her job very diligently. Because of this non -decision, we of Netzer Hazani, and many other communities, cannot move forward with building our homes in the new towns.

Now it was decided that eventually the Prime Minister’s office will appoint a committee of experts that will try to find an alternate legal solution to enable all our families, young and old, to be a part
of the community.

The word of the law is indivisible, yet justice is not visible.

Pursue Justice! Zion will be redeemed by Justice say our Prophets again and again

We know well from our experiences as farmers and terror victims, who is really in charge of progress --who is the "manager of this capitol". So when the building anew challenge is yanked further away from completion, we accept it as a message from the Above that we have a challenge to work harder to be prepared.

Eventually all will know that these downfalls cannot destroy our eternal Jewish values and spirit --
we patiently plough forward until the building site will be our home base.

We had an evening where the models of homes were presented to our Netzer Hazani families--and we prepared an attractive pamphlet with pictures and plans and estimated prices -to help people make decisions accordingly.

Soon the home plans will be ready for approval to be built for the old and young alike, awaiting that with upholding the law will bring justice as well.

The heart of the town are the community buildings, and with these we continue to plough forward --the new kindergarten is nearing completion and the new walls await the voices of children at play. The building of the Mikva is next and will begin any day. The plans for our new synagogue and Beit Midrash , a community center, the Bnei Akiva children’s educational building .the moadon yochanan youth activity center ,have all been approved and building foundations will G-d willing be laid shortly .

On site digging bulldozers are laying the water infrastructure for the agricultural fields that is to be completed BE"H by the end of the summer.

The community life continues in the temporary situation for five years
and it is not yet reaching a conclusion. Community activities
help keep the spirit and inspiration alive. This week we all
participated in the annual Marathon in memory of our Yochanan Hilberg,
IDF navy seal elite soldier killed defending the northern border in
Lebanon by Hezbollah .

Yochanan's love of the land of Israel and love of all people of Israel
are instilled to the next generation via these events. His parents,
sisters nephews and nieces await anxiously the move to our new town
where they will be able to build their home life in better times we all have faith will come.

Arutz 7 spoke with Bryna Hillberg, Yochanan's mother, at the marathon.

The Baltimore Jewish community has stood out as a sincerely warm and supportive community during the moral struggle for Gush Katif, as well as during these five years in the temporary situation and helping build a new future. This article was written recently by a University professor after he visited many of the Gush Katif communities all over Israel.

I hope you too will consider a visit with us. I will be glad to be your hostess.

Dearest friends and family, I invite you to click here to see this three minute clip and share with us our dreams for the future as we set our new challenges.

The stage "director " above set the scene so that our community buildings, as well many aspects of community rebuilding, will not happen unless we give, and you personally, with all of Am Yisrael -the privilege to be part of it. BE"H I feel certain that again you will want to be part of enabling this for us, for you and for the faith in future of am Yisrael.

Click here and do whatever you can towards enabling us, together with you, to plough forward. For specific dedication opportunities, please write via our website or directly to me tucker.anita@gmail.com

All of us will certainly be commemorating Yom Yerushalayim wherever we are. My appreciation is sincere to all those whom will be able to come to Ir David to the Moskowitz Prize ceremony where the direct connection of the Gush Katif communities to Tzion, our heart, will be limelighted. Best wishes for a very meaningful Yom Yerushalayim.

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May we all hold on to the faith necessary to live as Jews in this world and, as always, thanks for caring. As always your caring gives strength, anita
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