Monday, May 10, 2010

New Israeli technology, making a tank disappear

by Gur Salomon

JERUSALEM, May 9 (Xinhua) -- In the modern battlefield, as thermal imaging and radar detection systems grow more sophisticated by the day, war machines are increasingly vulnerable to enemy fire. Would an armored battalion commander want to be able to make his tanks simply vanish from enemy eyes? You can bet on it. Eltics Ltd., an Israeli start-up that develops electronic warfare systems, says it has come up with technology that will eventually turn fantasy into reality -- a system that can make tanks, armored personnel carriers, helicopter gunships and even naval vessels invisible to night vision systems and heat-seeking missiles.

The company and its technology, the Eltics system or Black Fox Active Adaptive IR Stealth System, were revealed for the first time on Sunday by Israeli TV Channel 10.

The Black Fox system equips any tank, helicopter or ship with a FLIR camera that photographs the surroundings in which they are operating. The system then analyzes the area's thermal signature and screens the exact same signature onto plates fitted on the machine, thus enabling it to completely disintegrate from sight.

"A tank, armored personnel carrier or ship, equipped with this system, become invisible to thermal night vision systems, guided missiles and a missile's sight," explained Eltics CEO Ronen Meir, in his first televised appearance.

Israeli Company Develops Through-Wall Vision System
30 April 2010 , 15:17
רואה ואינו נראה
Through-wall vision system. Photo: Roman Poretski, BaMahane.
The Camero system reveals the location of people in any room without having to venture into it. Its products are already deployed worldwide and have already helped in a hijacking rescue in a foreign country

Nir Costi

Through-Wall Vision: The Israeli company Camero has developed a piece of equipment that will greatly help soldiers and law enforcement officials throughout the world. The device enables you to know where people are located in a room in real time before having to enter it. The Xavier 400 is about the size of a laptop computer weighing under 3kg including the battery. It also has an optimized design for tactical operations which makes it easy to carry around by combat soldiers in the field.

The identification system is based on a unique, multichannel, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) sensor that operates at very high bandwidth that enables reliable detection and object resolution. The Xavier 400 system is able to locate images through walls using electromagnetic pulses and is able to provide quick location and number of people hidden by walls and barriers.

“This technology saves lives,” explained David Gazelle, Vice President of R&D.

The system is already an operational success and is being deployed worldwide. Six months ago a girl was kidnapped in a foreign country by kidnappers who demanded ransom for her release in the amount of two million shekels. The SWAT equivalent local unit utilized Xaver 400 to see where the abductors were located. The picture on the device revealed four kidnappers and the girl who was kept hostage. While three kidnappers were in another room of the house, one of them was keeping guard on the girl in the same room. When he left the room to go to the bathroom the police broke in and saved the girl.

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