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Should Jews in the UK support SIOE?

Nowadays it is fashionable among Leftists and jihadists to equate any resistance to jihad and Islamic supremacism with "racism" and "fascism." This Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a Sharia supremacist, equates the Swiss minaret ban with "fascism."In a similar vein, this Jewish group accuses the group Stop the Islamisation of Europe, which is standing for the Jews and all free people against Islamic supremacism, of "fascism" based on a logo that reflects the abundant violence we've seen in mosques in recent years; an attempt at guilt-by-association innuendo based on ties alleged but never documented; and a bland dismissal of the incitement to violence found in Islamic texts and teachings, combined with the dogmatic assumption that all religions are equally likely to move their followers to murderous rage.

Here is SIOE's response:


To reiterate an earlier statement: SIOE is separate to the English Defence League, Casuals United and other anti-Islamist groups in England

The 13th September "Stop further mosque building" demonstration in Harrow is organised by SIOE. It has been falsely reported that other groups have organised this demonstration.

Efforts are made constantly to link SIOE with the BNP and SIOE is constantly branded as a fascist organisation by some blogs and internet contributors.

SIOE's opponents constantly use "guilt by association" as a means of linking SIOE with racist organisations.

However, its previous actions have shown that SIOE is the most anti-fascist organisation in Europe and serious and knowledgeable anti-fascist groups no longer oppose SIOE's demonstrations.

SIOE has persistently stood up for and spoken about minority groups persecuted by Muslim majorities, for example Copts, which other self-styled anti-fascist groups have neglected.

SIOE always has, and always will, unswervingly condemn racism.

SIOE supports Israel's existence and the right of Jewish people to defend themselves. Palestinian and Muslim groups have declared that every Jew is a legitimate target for jihad (that is murder) regardless of where he/she may live.

However, SIOE's opponents have recently declared their opposition to Israel and therefore Jews.

Israel: Scottish fans urged to wave Palestinian flags at match

SIOE regards this alleged appeal by Scottish TUC spokesperson, David Moxham, to border on anti-Semiticism because Israel has once again been singled out for censure, while nearby Egypt is once again ignored for its genocidal acts against the Copts, for example.

The motive for this selective condemnation might rightly be regarded as being because Jews comprise the majority in Israel.

Our opponents constantly condemn SIOE for not recognizing the difference between Muslim moderates and extremists. Muslim moderates are not protecting Copts in Egypt or Hindus in Malaysia. Muslim moderates are not protecting Jews in Muslim countries. Muslim moderates voted into power Recep Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey, after he'd been imprisoned for reading the Islamic poem about minarets being bayonets, that inspired SIOE's cartoon advertising its "Stop Islamisation" demonstration in Harrow on 13th December.

By wilfully ignoring such persecution while simultaneously focusing on Israel is anti-Semitic in SIOE's considered opinion.

David Moxham is a co-signatory with the UAF and other organisations as well as individuals to this declaration

Therefore, SIOE considers all of these co-signatories to be guilty by association with David Moxham of being selectively anti-Israel and thereby of being selectively anti-Semitic because of David Moxham's alleged statement.

Guilt by association works in both directions. Therefore, any opposition to anti-Semiticism made by the UAF and its associates is now not to be taken seriously, by UAF's own rules.

SIOE welcomes David Moxham and any of his co-signatories to refute SIOE's assertions and will gladly publish any non-abusive statements to the contrary on its website.

In fact we eagerly await any condemnation of any Muslim atrocities perpetrated anywhere. This right to reply is denied SIOE, most recently (today) by the CST.
Stephen Gash
Stop Islamisation Of Europe
SIOE England

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