Friday, April 24, 2009

Mossad warns businessman: Hizbullah may target you

Israeli businessman returns from Europe after Mossad warns him of kidnapping plot

Roni Sofer
Israel News

Terror alert: An Israeli businessman who is also an IDF lieutenant-colonel (res.) has returned to Israel from Europe recently after being warned that he may be a Hizbullah target. Channel 10 reported Thursday that Israeli businesspeople have been returning to the Jewish State from Europe as of late due to similar threats. However, officials at the Counter Terrorism Bureau said they were not familiar with any other specific cases aside from the above-mentioned one.

Israel's security establishment has warned that Hizbullah plans to commit terror attacks against Israelis and Jews across the world in retaliation for the killing of Imad Mugniyah, a senior member of the group, in Damascus in February of 2008. The group accused Israel of the assassination, even though Jerusalem did not claim responsibility for it.

A senior security official told Ynet that the businessman returned to Israel due to fears that he would be kidnapped. According to the few details that have been cleared for publication, the man received a warning to this effect from the Mossad.

Hizbullah's other assumed targets include Israeli and Jewish institutions throughout the world, as well as Israeli airlines and delegations.

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