Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama Wants a Unity Government


( U.S. President Barack Obama wants Israeli politicians to form a unity government, according to the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. According to the report, Obama is willing to put pressure on Israeli leaders behind the scenes to achieve unity as long as his actions do not become known to the public. In the Israeli elections last week, Kadima gained 28 mandates as opposed to Likud’s 27, but the right-wing bloc gained 65 mandates as opposed to the left’s 44. Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu has asked Kadima to join him in a national unity government, but some Kadima MKs want Kadima to go to the opposition.

Guest Comment: he arrogance of Barack Obama in thinking that he has the right to dictate what kind of government Israel should have !! He knows nothing about the history of the region, has all left wing advisers many of whom are antagonistic toward Israel and would not mind seeing it disappear. Whatever Obama knows about the area he has learned from friends like Khalid Rashidi.* (below are some notes about Rashidi's activities.) We know that Obama called Israeli President Peres after the elections to say that he favors a 2-state solution. He has also indicated that Israel must give up the Golan, divide Jerusalem, and leave Judea and Samaria. This, of course, would render Israel so weak that it would lead to the destruction of the country. Another adviser, Samantha Power**, suggested 'invading Israel'. (see article below.) These are just a couple of Obama advisers whom we know to be anti-Israel.

Israel is a sovereign nation and, as such, has the right to form her own government and make decisions in her best interest. Previous governments have yielded to international pressure and the Arabs interpret concessions as weakness. The country is at the forefront of the same battle that the rest of the world is fighting against radical Islam. Obama does not even want to use the expression 'war against terror'. He is willing to mend fences with the Muslim world whose goal he does not even understand; the dismantling of Israel would be the result of 'peace' with the enemies of democracy (Obama seems naive as to the results of his actions.) The goal of radical Islam is the destruction of Western civilization to be replaced by a worldwide caliphate and sharia - strict Islamic law. Experts in Arabic - fluent in the language - understand the goals, read their newspapers daily, monitor their programs and know what is being said to their people - not in English which is doctored to be heard by us.

Let it be understood that the wars that Israel fights ( 2006 - Lebanon; 2009 - Gaza) are being supported by Iran - the same country that is threatening 'the big Satan' - the U.S. as soon as it destroys ' the little Satan' - Israel. (G-d forbid both ) Israel has been fighting for her freedom and survival and that impacts the West. Obama now wants to remove Syria from the terrorist list and to being diplomatic relations with the country. Syria has waged wars against Israel and, although the Olmert gov't has been speaking with them there is little to trust. The Syrians have had relations with Iran; they occupied Lebanon for a long time. Why has Syria been on the terrorist list in the first place?

Here is the report about Obama and Israel; it is not just Israel that must take heed. Interference in the workings of a democratic country is a big 'no-no'.


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