Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Genuine realism requires a theological understanding of the enemy. Genuine realists know that territorial compromise with Muslims only whets their appetite for further aggression . Genuine realists know there are no empirical grounds to expect Muslims to renounce Jihadism-the precondition of peace-unless they are so devastated as to expunge their desire to wage war for a hundred years-as the Allied powers did to Nazi Germany.

Israel , especially Jerusalem , is the focus of Islam's war against the West. The West is steeped in denial. Israel must awaken the West by going on the offensive. It must destroy the terrorist network west of the River Jordan. But as I have indicated , this goal requires basic reform of Israel's political system whose fragmented and transient nature precludes the execution of any coherent and long-term national strategy. In the final analysis, the only way to solve Israel's conflict with its Arab enemies-and this includes its own Arab citizens-is to make Israel more Jewish. The institutional reforms I have proposed will contribute very much to this objective because they will empower the people, most of whom are to the right of Israel's ruling elites. The February 10 election witnessed the political power of Israel's right-minded public, which would become even more united and effective under my proposed system of governance. Nor is this all.

We need leaders who understand that it is precisely the failure of Jews to insist on their God-given and exclusive ownership of the Land of Israel that encourages Arabs to persist in their war against our people. Since the goal of the Arabs-depicted in their maps-is to conquer all of Palestine , a rational government of Israel should adopt the following course of action:

1. Abrogate the Oslo Agreement and eliminate the entire terrorist leadership. This will demoralize the Arabs. No Arab leadership will speedily arise and command the loyalty of the artificial collection of rival clans called the "Palestinians."

With the PA destroyed, Israel's Government should declare Jewish sovereignty over Yesha. (The Arabs in these areas will retain the personal, religious, and economic rights they enjoyed under Israeli law, but they will not vote in Israeli elections . )

The Government should establish unequivocal jurisdiction over the Temple Mount .

4. It should move certain cabinet ministries to Judea, Samaria , and Gaza . (This will convince Arabs that the Jews intend to remain in these areas permanently . )

5. The Government should pass a Homestead Act and sell small plots of land in Yesha at low prices to Jews in Israel and abroad with the proviso that they settle on the land, say for a period of six years . This would diminish the dangerous population density of Israel's large cities and encourage Jewish immigration to Israel .
6. Develop model cities in Yesha by attracting foreign capital investment on terms favorable to the investors . Based on experience, and given Israel's present Gross Domestic Product of $170 billion, at least 150,000 Jews could be settled in Judea and Samaria within a few years . Their presence will prompt many more Arabs to leave, as tens of thousands have done in the past, and in greater number if offered generous incentives.

As concerns Israel's itself, I advocate the following measures:

1. The Law of Return should make explicit that Israel is a Jewish commonwealth, that its Jewish character is its paramount principle to which all other principles are subordinate.

2. Amend the "grandfather clause" of the Law of Return to diminish the number of gentile immigrants, and devote the vast sums saved to assimilate gentiles now residing in Israel .

3. Enforce Basic Law: The Knesset, which prohibits any party that negates the Jewish character of the State

4. Enforce the 1952 Citizenship Law, which empowers the Government to nullify the citizenship of any Israel national that commits "an act of disloyalty to the State . " (I would amend the term "act" to protect freedom of speech and press . )

5. Put an end to the notorious tax evasion of Arab citizens and their countless violations of building and zoning laws .

6. Terminate subsidies to, or expel, Arab university students who call for Israel's destruction, and require Arab schools to include Jewish studies in their curriculum.

7. Phase out U . S . military aid to Israel (now less than 1 . 5% of the country's GDP), as well as American participation in Israel-Arab affairs . Both undermine Israel's strategic interests as well as Jewish national pride .

There is still a lot of work and many obstacles to bypass until we reach the actual settling of the Eitam hill in Efrat, but this article is very uplifting.

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