Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Response to JTA

Regardless of political party,Israel's present leaders and most of those who would like to be, have not admitted that there is no solution to the M.E. conflict! It is not the Palestinian/
Israeli problem;it is a virulent campaign of anti-Semitism unleashed worldwide by those who support the enemies of the Jewish state.

Israel is at the forefront of the same battle that is being waged by radical Islam against the free world. The fight in the M.E. is not about territory; it is an effort to diminish Israel in size in order to weaken and destroy the only democracy in the region. By demonizing and delegitimizing her, destruction of the State would be justified! If Coalition troops leave Iraq, Iran plans to take over; it already holds sway over Syria and Lebanon. With Jordan, Egypt, and Israel out of the way, the region would become a grand paradise for terrorism from which to attack Europe (already called 'Eurabia' by Bat Yeor)and the rest of the free world where there are already 'sleeper cells' in place ready to spring into action.

Many of Israel's leaders, like many of those in the West, show weakness when they appease the world enemy, yielding territory and freeing terrorists as 'good will gestures'. To whom - and for what purpose? Recidivism is rampant among those whose profession is murder of innocent people by those to whom life means nothing; note their inclination to suicide for the rewards of 'paradise'.

Israel must have a govenment whose motto is 'peace for peace' rather than the fictitious 'land for peace'. Israel must insure her ability to defend her citizens regardless of changes within neigh-boring countries. The territories that were captured in defensive wars must remain in her hands. History has proven that the Golan was used for attack on the State; it must be retained.

Jerusalem, the historical and religious capital of Israel from ancient times, has been united and free for all religions since it was liberated in 1967. Between 1948-'67 when the eastern part of the city was illegally occupied by Jordan, the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives was desecrated and 56 of the 57 synagogues destroyed. Just three years ago, immediately following the expulsion from Gush Katif, the world saw the same torching and destruction of the beautiful modern synagogues of our day - by those who still want to erase Israel's presence.

While Israel is pressed to honor past agreements, Abbas' Palestinian Authority was excused from that obligation. It did not disarm and disband as required;the terrorist group Hamas was elected 'democratically' and continues to attack Israeli cities. In the north, UNIFIL has permitted terrorist Hizbollah to rearm - in defiance of Resolution 1701 that culminated the second Lebanon War. Iran has provided weapons for the same enemies in the north and the south.

Despite these facts, the Israeli government has continued on the destructive path of yielding to the enemies on both fronts. Its present failed, self-serving leadership lacks national vision and should step down immediately, in its entirety, in the interest of the country. New elections must bring to the helm those whose first concern is the return to the values that inspired the rebirth of Israel. The Israeli narrative must be restored and taught to the country's children - for only by knowing and taking pride in her rich past can they grow to be true leaders in the future. As today, they must be guided by wisdom rather than political incentive.

The immediate problem facing Israel today is choosing who will fill the shoes necessary to walk the path with integrity of purpose during these critical times. May they step forward with alacrity!

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