Tuesday, October 23, 2007

PA interior ministry arrest local spies searching for Shalit

GAZA, (PIC)-- The PA interior ministry of the legitimate PA government of Premier Ismael Haneyya has arrested a group of local spies working for the Israeli occupation and searching for the captured IOF serviceman Gilad Shalit. PA security sources in Gaza unveiled to the PIC correspondent that the arrested group comprises four persons played an active role in helping Israeli intelligence agents in kidnapping Mohawish Al-Kadi, the public relation officer in the ministry's executive force, last month in Rafah city, south of Gaza Strip.
The sources also added that the group was recruited and trained for spying in the West Bank before their Israeli handlers sent them to Gaza Strip to gather intelligence on the whereabouts of Shalit.
Shalit has been in captivity for more than a year now due to Israel's rejection to swap him with Palestinian women and children jailed in Israel.
One of the arrested collaborators acknowledged his group's role in the kidnapping of Kadi, saying that they spent two months in monitoring the PA security official before arranging for his abduction with IOF commandos.
"I was told by the Israeli intelligence officers to settle in a place near to Mohawish residence in order to closely monitor him as the Israelis believed he (Mohawish) possesses information on the whereabouts of Shalit", the arrested spy unveiled.
Investigation conducted by the PA security departments in Gaza city over the case of Mohawish led to the ring of spies as one of them was summoned to the PA internal security department for interrogation before acknowledging his role in the crime and exposing his partners.
The Israeli intelligence agents succeeded in trapping and kidnapping Mohawish in a complicated operation in coordination with misled local spies involving a lot of tactics before transporting him by an Apache copter into areas inside the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands.

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