Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dear President Bush

Recently, it was disclosed that an attempt to assassinate Israeli Prime Minister Olmert had been foiled. The facts revealed that those who were assigned to carry out the murder were the special guards of no other than Abbas of the PA. According to the plan, the very ones who were assigned to assure Mr. Olmert's safety on his trip to Jericho were the ones who were to carry out the act!!

Mr. Bush, we are astounded that you still believe that Abbas is the 'moderate' partner for peace! He is a holocaust denier, a terrorist who has perpetrated acts of terror against Israel, he has refused to disarm the terrorists in his government, and heads a group that calls for Israel's destruction.

We are appalled that you would be willing to create yet another terrorist state on the borders of Israel - a nation that is already surrounded by warmongering neighbors. With all of the threats of these countries against Israel Sec'y of State Rice fantasizes that there is a desire for peace in the region? The only one wanting peace is Israel - not a single one of the Muslim/Arab countries.

Pursuing this will not lead to peace but rather to war - one that will engulf the entire region and then the world! Stop now, Mr. President, lest history condemn you for plunging us into a nuclear confrontation!


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