Thursday, October 25, 2007

Letter to the President

To President George W. Bush
The White House
October 24, 2007

Dear President Bush,

It appears that you are desirous of creating a Palestinian state regardless of any conditions that you required at the beginning of this goal.
There are daily attacks on Israel from already relinquished territory - 'in the interest of peace' but the only interest that the Arabs have is the destruction of Israel which they announce daily. Then, took, there was a plan to assassinate Prime Minister Olmert when he was enroute to Jericho to meet Abbas. Hardly a minor detail is the fact that the perpetrators of the thwarted plan were no other than those whose task it was to protect the Prime Minister - Abbas' special security guards!

Despite this, Mr. Bush, Sec'y of State Rice feels that there is a desire for peace. Her willingness to forgive the noncompliance of the PA and its leadership with your demands and her desire to overlook the warlike statements and actions of the PA as it relentlessly attacks innocent Israeli citizens - all serve to embolden Israel's enemies. They know in advance that if they wait long enough the big strong United States will yield to their desires!!

Sec'y of State Rice is returning to the Middle East to pressure Israel for more concessions.
Our American government is giving in to Muslim/ Arab blackmail and that is not in the best interests of the country. It is time to stop this downhill effort immediately, Mr. Bush, lest your plan create greater danger for the United States.


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