Friday, July 25, 2014

Amazingly powerful pro israel speech on senate floor‏

Rubio: Civilian deaths in Gaza '100 percent Hamas' fault'
Added on 7/17/14
from Chana
in beloved Jerusalem
Anyone who cares about Israel should see the  video; the link follows this message.  Forget about politics; this has to do with Israel's survival..  The massive labyrinth of underground tunnels that is being found in Gaza and destroyed by the Israeli Defense Forces is proof of the intent of Hamas to annihilate the state.  In truth, it is not only Hamas; Fatah, thought to be less dangerous, has also stated its standing with Hamas. 
A ceasefire, being pushed by Kerry, is the last thing needed now.  Israel is on the move and must continue with intensity in destroying the tunnels in Gaza as well as those that have been dug underground from there to Israeli territory - directly to kibbutzim and other communities in the vicinity-  with an obvious large devastating blow against Israel planned for the near future.  This would have resulted in tremendous loss of life and, thank G-d, this has been averted. 
What contrast to the desire of our enemy that intentionally exposes its innocent citizens to danger with the intent of creating a growing list of casualties-for world consumption.  For Hamas, the larger number of its own represents a 'victory' in its sick goal; for Israel, each casualty is a personal wound. 
It is important to note that, despite all, there is a feeling of unity in Israel and determination to crush the terrorists.  It may be difficult for those who are not here to understand everything that is happening particularly with the reporting slant of the foreign media which we also monitor.  They may not understand until too late that what is transpires in Israel is in their own future. 
Fortunately, there are people who are connected with reality and voice it.  Listen to one of them.

Subject: Fw: watch Senator Rubio - amazingly powerful pro israel speech on senate floor
"The truth is obvious there for those who want to see - tunnel network in Gaza whose goal is to conduct terror activities against Israel and kill it's civilians. They have no choice but to defend themselves with using all the power at their disposal. And not only shouldn't anyone here be criticizing that but we should be supporting it and aligning ourselves 100% ion their side. Israel is fighting for their survival."

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